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  1. Yeesh -- an example of toxicity on this forum -- but as I said in my original post, I encouraged the original poster that they should keep going and they will get there -- this is how others have encouraged me over the years even if they were in a different place than myself [it is completely reasonable for someone who has been successful to encourage someone else who has not been successful] -- I am someone who started with a low MCAT score and I know the feeling, so I also know the feeling of being able to achieve a better score, like many other people on this forum. BTW -- thanks for
  2. Ohh thanks for the clarification re: the 90th percentile -- I was not sure how that was calculated! It is funny how confusing such an important exam can be in terms of how to improve when taking the exam again!
  3. ^^ as someone [and not a guy BTW ] who has worked many years towards this application, this supposed flex [there are far more ridiculous flexes on this forum] was meant to show how tough that round of CARS was and in fact 128 is not something to brag about for an MCAT section score LOL -- as well, the succinct answer that was already provided was not motivating or encouraging for someone who was looking for insight from other applicants. ANYWAY, these were not helpful additions to this thread that was meant to help a first time MCAT taker.
  4. Hello! Sorry that you did not meet the cutoff for CARS and that you will not get any feedback from a file review by UBC -- however, keep going and you will get there! I am a re-applicant and a re-taker of the MCAT and received a 128 in CARS, which was the lowest section of my MCAT score, but somehow was in the 90th percentile for the CARS section on that test day (and I am assuming that we took the MCAT on the same day as I also got my MCAT scores back today!) -- this is just to say that perhaps it was an extra tough CARS section if you will be attempting to write the MCAT again!
  5. Hello! I am wondering if there are any mature applicants to Ontario MD programs who would be interested in comparing / reviewing each other's CASPer practice responses? I am thinking it would be helpful to compare answers with those who are in a similar place as me, but if you are prepping for your CASPer test for next week and are not a mature student, I would be happy to connect with you too! I am writing the exam on October 19th - so please contact me if you are interested!
  6. Hello! Thanks for sharing this feedback! I was thinking over the weekend that I will just spend a few hours creating the Excel file for myself lol -- shortcuts usually do not work when it comes to applying and working in Medicine so this is a helpful reminder!
  7. Hello! I am wondering if there is anyone who has a handy summary of how all medical schools in Canada determine eligibility for Fall 2021 applications (for example: how they calculate GPA, how they determine cGPA, if they remove Winter 2020, MCAT/GPA cutpoints for graduate students, deadlines)? Or would anyone be interested in putting this together like in an Excel or Word document? I am a non-traditional applicant that would like this summary to determine where I should apply -- I definitely know that this information is all readily available on websites, but it would be so helpful / rea
  8. hello! those activities sound awesome -- great job! i am actually really interested to hear more about the food recovery project and the virtual shadowing?!
  9. Again -- sorry to hear you did not have luck with UofT but you have excellent stats and I am sure you will get in next year!
  10. Yes for sure -- and obviously UofT is the odd university out since it looks like you received interviews at all of the other schools you have applied to, which is pretty amazing! Best of luck!
  11. With such a great MCAT score and really decent GPA, I guess this does demonstrate the importance of research for UofT, but still surprised about the R for you and I am sure you will get in somewhere else (especially with your life / leadership experiences)!
  12. Agreed -- I am disappointed and confused for you too!!! Great to hear that you at least have received other invites -- does Queen's only use wGPA if you have a full course load (3 courses per term) all years of undergraduate? But you have an excellent MCAT score, your cGPA is still very high and you had a CASPer good enough for McMaster! [confused emoji] Wonder if anyone will have insights!
  13. Hello! Thanks very much for your helpful response! I agree about your ethical points -- which is why I included a "?" in the title of my thread -- I agree that now is not the time to be trying to add a new clinical shadowing experience, I was just curious if I was missing out on this, especially as it leads up to the Fall applications -- I will definitely continue to reach out to clinicians to see if I can help them in non-clinical environments... thanks again for your feedback!
  14. Hello! I am a non-traditional hopeful applicant to MD programs in Ontario, but I completed my PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship about two years ago and since then have been working with the provincial ministry of health -- in my undergraduate / graduate years (and even up until finishing my PhD) -- I had a fair amount of volunteering and was able to get some clinical shadowing spots with clinicians that I knew -- however, it has been a few years and before applying this Fall, I am feeling like I need to show more recent clinical shadowing -- of course with the pandemic, I am finding it ha
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