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  1. Well guys, seems like Altus Assessments will be handling the interview, i.e. the people who make CASPER, so that's pretty much decided. Boy, I really hate that they are doing this. No way of knowing our score on the test or how it is scored, just straight Yes/No. Yet another bloody hoop to jump through. Well I guess I will start learning how to type fast now then ><.
  2. Hey Guys, Thought I would update this post (sorry for not doing this earlier). I just called admissions today, and they told me bluntly that they are only providing more information to people who get an invite. Not an unexpected response given the U of A admissions staff's dealings with me before. So we will have (~2 weeks or ~5-6 days prep if you need to pick the alternate date) to potentially prepare (Invites sent in early February) if it's CASPER. I will frankly be furious if it is, as then we will be forced to either a) hurriedly increase our typing speed in time to make the test if it i
  3. Thanks for the support everyone. I decided to apply for deferral to next year, or decline the application to Monash if they refused it. I hope that I will get enough offers to have a chance and I appreciate everyone's help in getting me to make a solid decision.
  4. Having been delayed twice on CASPER, and having seen the kinds of very out-of-left field questions they ask (at least for mine), I am definitely hoping it isn't CASPER. Typing should not necessarily be a per-requisite to medicine, and doing webcam (or why not even voice) interviews seems way more sensible and would make the test much more secure. The reason they don't do it, is because it costs them too much money. I think I am going to bite the bullet and ask them what it actually is at this point ... sigh ><.
  5. Thanks for initial replies. -@Yesican55 Well, you have to remember that I took a lot of part-time courses, so I only have two years with a full courseload. I think that dings the credibility of the GPA a little bit, regardless of my excuse. -@ ballsortahard: Basically if you want to go back to Canada, then you need a stateside school. When you apply for residency they consider all Canadian and American applicants as a block and fill up places. After that, they consider everyone outside of Canada for far fewer places. Australia (according to my booking agent, so take it with some salt) is amo
  6. Hey Everyone, I've spent a few days agonizing over a dilemma, and I wanted a sounding board here. This is close, but not quite a "What are my chances?" post, so apologies in advance if I made a mistake. Here's the past 6 years of my life, in brief: Was diagnosed with a nasty illness from first term in 2010 at University of Alberta. From 2010-2014, taking full & partial classes sometimes and periodically hospitalized, at one point for an entire term. Managed to keep my GPA high, so my total is pretty damn good (using Calgary's application methods of - worst year, to 3.91, OMSAS 3.86). For
  7. I have three potentially helpful tips, since you sound a lot like me. The first is to hit the ground running; organize your dates for midterms & exams (to find 'choke-points'). If there is any tiny make-work projects to be done online (fairly common first year I found) then do them or start them early on, so you can focus on studying. An addendum for helping you sleep for bad nights would be to consider melatonin. It's natural as your brain secretes induce the sleep phase of your circadian rhythm. Excercise also helps; I know simply taking the time to do a set of weights during full o
  8. Hey everyone! I must apologize for asking these nebulous questions. To give some brief context, I am a 4th year student (2012-6), spending two years in open studies (2010-2012). My life got derailed by a severe illness in January 2011, which made required treatment over that summer and the fall term of 2012 (which I couldn't attend classes for) and winter term of 2013. I've been working hard since then to do research and obtain the necessary pre-requisites, and subsequently my volunteering hours are not superb. However, where I really suffer is in Extra-curricular activities. To be honest, I
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