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  1. IB graduate here - it won't affect your GPA if you transfer the credit and if you're going into any sciences related undergrad program, you will most likely fulfill the pre-req with mandatory courses required within your program. Nonetheless, IB Eng credit is useful for UBC med.
  2. I was wondering about this as well and prior to reading the post I assumed Scotia would be the best option, so I asked my advisor at Scotia and he responded: "I would definitely clarify with TD and read the fine print because our docs state that "rates are subject to change". This means that the bank legally can change the rate as long as they give you written notice, so 7yrs from now when you are done and graduated there is nothing stopping them from giving you a notice and changing your rate regardless of what they promise or not."
  3. Accepted: VFMP Time stamp: May 12th, 2017 GPA: 91 MCAT: 512 NAQ: various long term commitments related to my hobbies, leadership, volunteering & research Interview: after being waitlisted (interview score: average), I realized I wasn't giving it all to prepare. This time, I prepared thoroughly, but I still walked out of the interview feeling very unsure. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! I remember how stressful it was to be on the waitlist. This process has so much to do with luck, so keep pushing forward.
  4. This is from Queen's FAQ page about the admissions process: Applicants are assessed in sequential steps. The first steps are based on academic requirements - the GPA and MCAT scores. Applicants who successfully make these cuts are invited for an interview and their academic marks are no longer considered in the admission process. Those applicants are then assessed based on personal experiences and personal characteristics through an interview. This suggests that EC's aren't taken into account before the interview invites, but the invites/regrets posts appear to suggest otherwise. Can
  5. Thanks for the reply. I meant to say they would separately calculate the average of your pre-reqs apart from your overall or adjusted GPA, then factor that into account along with whichever overall/adjusted GPA you have.
  6. Does anyone know if the previous AQ calculations took both adjusted GPA and pre-reqs into account? (if this is true, for this year, the AQ score will only reflect your overall GPA or adjusted GPA?) I had assumed previously that the AQ score didn't include pre-req marks but I have heard otherwise. Thanks!
  7. Would a current research PI be suitable for the scholar cluster? I am not sure if I can get a strong reference letter from my prof who taught me in a class back in 2013-2014 year and am just concerned that it might be a disadvantage to my application. Does anyone have experience using their research supervisor for the scholar cluster of LOR?
  8. Also confused here as to why the blog hasnt been updated yet :/ It would be nice to know at least if its been shortened recently or not..
  9. Has anyone heard back yet? would really appreciate any updates!
  10. Where did you get the idea that about 80 people are waitlisted? Just a bit hesitant given that the admissions team would waitlist an X number of people based on the previous year of applicants who rejected their offers.
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