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  1. You should just believe what you want - it's clear there's limited answers you'll accept for this misunderstanding. Every single one of their rules are reviewed every single year by the entire committee, and every single applicant's entire academic history is known to the committee. If the info is unclear to you on the website and you believe it changed from the academic calendar, then reach out to them. If others have done this (i.e. this past cycle) and been given the green light AND have been accepted into the incoming class, then I doubt there are any errors present. I'm not going to
  2. I think as the above poster mentioned, it linked the official academic calendar for med admissions, found below. It just states you need to have A degree that has been completed or in senior year (i.e. past tense/present tense). Given that pharmacy students have a previous BSc, this makes them eligible. It also states students within their early years of grad school can't apply until their last year. https://academiccalendar.dal.ca/Catalog/ViewCatalog.aspx?pageid=viewcatalog&catalogid=107&chapterid=6662&topicgroupid=29158&loaduseredits=False
  3. Thank you for saying this. I think a lot of the people who are upset are missing this point. In-progress degrees show up on your transcript, which are available for the entire admission committee to see. And these students are just as deserving as others to get in. Additionally...this is just my understanding, but I had applied a few times over the years and I remember this still being the rule on the website. Back then when I inquired about it, it was for your FIRST undergrad (i.e. this is why Dal doesn't accept 3rd year undergrads, unlike schools like uOttawa), OR for graduate school. I
  4. Don't quote me on this, but I think in previous years the NS IP waitlist has been estimated at around 25-30 people. Obviously that includes people from just below the acceptance cutoff (which varies from year to year, but for my year was about 72-73) to those on the lower end - mid 60s. Totally speculating here but I'd guesstimate movement of like 10 people off the waitlist. A few years ago I remember a document posted somewhere online that outlined all of this - cant find it now, but if you assume waitlist movement is similar year to year, those are roughly the numbers you might get. Fingers
  5. Did a double take when I saw that score...super high! Obviously no guarantees, but if I was in your shoes I wouldn't feel bad at all about that score - but I'm sure you knew that! Congrats everyone joining the Dal Med family For those on the waitlist or who didn't get an offer this year, remember that each individual's path to medicine is different. For some, the road is a tiny bit longer, or is slightly more convoluted - but with dedication, hard work, and perseverance you can all get there!
  6. Totally echo this!! To everyone waiting, just know that all admins and med school staff are incredibly bogged down right now with intradepartmental matters. COVID threw everyone and everything (including all of the med classes) in for a loop .
  7. I'm just talking from previous years experience - but I don't think credit hours (i.e. 0.5 or 0.75 etc) actually count in the calculation...I thought it was just your actual grade on a 4.0 scale, and you enter 20 courses. When I submitted grad school grades (which are also totally different credit hours), it didn't take them into account. It just used my actual grade. Unless things changed or I'm terribly mistaken, I think your GPA would be calculated like I said above. So, you'd have a 3.95/4, and since Dal rounds up, your score would be a 4.0/4.0. You might want to check with adm
  8. From what I remember, after my first time applying the feedback call was mostly with regards to the supplemental - no specific details given for the MMI other than general tips. I do recall the lady on the phone saying explicitly not to use the same essay again, and to write an updated essay with new things that you might've picked up in the year since last applying.
  9. Coming from class of 2022 - pretty awesome! Lots of camaraderie, tons of social events, plenty of chances to get to know people better, and probably way too much ping pong (if you're into that). Everyone's always eager to help each other by sending over notes or Anki decks (especially since there's no more competition - we're all in the same boat ). People are really supportive of each other and super positive overall. As many of us have, you're probably going to meet some of your best friends next year! In terms of negatives, I really don't have much to say...nothing comes to mind. Expec
  10. Totally agree with this advice - so many people forget to just answer exactly what the essay question is asking! Nail that down well and you've done half the battle. Have plenty of people read it and try and finish it early so you can come back to it every few days and change things you don't like. Agree with the supplemental form advice here too. I followed the general rule of writing a few points points per box in the volunteering/skills sections - 1) what my role was/what I personally did (thinking of canmeds qualities and how they apply to your role), and 2) what the outcome of your w
  11. No worries! Just looking back through my email inbox, last year I got notified by UBC on May 11th and by Ontario schools around the same time (ranging from May 8th to May 16th). So it's all around the same time! Best of luck!!
  12. Most other schools send out their invites in mid May, so that's when the waitlist moves the most!
  13. Wow, that's the highest waitlist score I've ever personally seen :O I would be willing to bet you're somewhere right up at the top of that waitlist! Fingers crossed!!
  14. Yeah just to add to this, last year I got cut off answering followups at like basically every station, and it worked out fine. Don't worry about it too much!
  15. To follow up on this - in previous years, scoring has been roughly as follows: 503-506 = 6/10 507-510=7/10 511-516=8/10 517-522=9/10 523+=10/10
  16. IP Accepted So happy to finally be posting this here!!!! Looks like decisions came very early this year!! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 511 Interview: Felt pretty good about it - a couple rough stations but overall I felt like I connected with multiple interviewers. ECs: lots
  17. I don't know - it's tough because I found that I noticed their body language as an indicator of when they wanted me to stop talking...for one of my questions, I had a very well prepared answer, but I felt like perhaps they wanted me to wrap it up prematurely, which kinda cut me short in terms of what I wanted to say. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why I prefer MMIs to the trad format. In MMIs, you know you have 5-7ish minutes to talk about your answer, if it's well thought-out and covers multiple points. And if your answer isn't a long one, you get very fair probing questions. W
  18. They usually ask to confirm how many hours you've worked, and what your responsibilities were for that entry. They also sometimes ask what qualities the applicant has that makes them suited to be a good doctor.
  19. I also got rejected this year, but I do want to say that you definitely shouldn't give up. A 26/40 isn't terrible - the average for accepted people was around a 31, which with more preparation, you can definitely achieve. Reflect on what went wrong, on where you could have improved, prepare a while in advance, and give it another shot. In the mean time, I'm assuming your EC score wasn't exceptionally high either. That being said, ECs are an area where improvement isn't overly difficult. Ask for some feedback on your essay, adjust it accordingly, and pick up some more volunteering work dur
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