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  1. Yay, it feels somewhat relieving to see that it's just not me. I called in the other day and they told me not to worry. We are good!!
  2. Yes I was indeed accepted off the waitlist. That's what I speculated but I guess I am super type A getting anxious about something I shouldn't be worried about.
  3. I checked everywhere and it's nowhere to be found. And I confirmed the email address too. I guess I will have to reach out to CPSBC about it... Thanks for your input anyway!!
  4. Hi all, I read that we are supposed to receive an email from CPSBC but I am haven't received anything yet. I know the deadline is July 6th and I am starting to worry a little. Did anyone receive their CPSID?
  5. OMG!!!! I rarely post but... was ACCEPTED OFF THE WAITLIST!!! OOP!! I am so thankful for this opportunity. Will be accepting! I hope for the best for the other waitlisters!! it's moving!
  6. Hi folks, is there any way for waitlisted candiates to find out how they did on their interview?
  7. Hello fellow waitlist-ers! Anyone know whether the time stamp on the waitlist email has some kind of correlation to where one stands on the ranking list? From what I see on Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist thread, most people seem to got their waitlist emails 9:15-30 am but mine arrived at 9:45 EST. Does this mean anything? Perhaps I am at the bottom of the waitlist?
  8. are you still looking for a partner to practice MMI with?
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