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  1. From where did you get the information that the WL moves by 50-60 spots. That means that we have ~50% chance of getting off the WL. Right? Does the WL usually move before the May 25th deadline?
  2. I don't think we will hear anything for one more week or so.
  3. That is quite frustrating. I hope they tell us how they plan to calculate GPA
  4. Is it going to be cGPA. When I checked FAQ, it says information about how they calculate cGPA is currently unavailable.
  5. I don't recommend lying to fill entries and all sections. U of A checks all your verifiers.
  6. Did U of A release how they will be calculating cGPA? I can't find information on that.
  7. hilarious.. i am going to try that next time
  8. How they will calculate GPA? Is it going to be cGPA?
  9. It looks that U of A won't be dropping lowest year GPA. This will make it even worse for non traditional students.
  10. Its bad new for people with high GPA and high ECs cuz their GPA won't count :/
  11. I feel that the biggest battle that you will have to deal with is a battle in your mind. Few months ago, you were saying that it was quite easy to get in once you get an interview as you have 50 percent chance, so why not think in that same manner??
  12. Queens . my friend applied to queens with quite similar stats, but slightly higher MCAT and got interviews
  13. One of my verifiers was contacted ( it was for a normal activity in my Top 10/ it was the fourth activity in top 10). My friends' verifiers did not get contacted. They are not contacting everyone's verifiers
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