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  1. Hey everyone! Posting this here in case some folks are interested in this unique opportunity. In celebration of International Women’s Day and the vital role that women play in surgery, leadership and STEM, we at the Canadian Medical Student Interest Group in Neurosurgery are excited to kick-start the “Women in Neurosurgery” lecture series where eminent healthcare leaders discuss their professional careers, impart wisdom and advocate for an increased presence of women in the field. We are delighted to start this series with Professor Mojgan Hodaie. Please join us on March
  2. Hey everyone! Are you fascinated by the underpinnings of the brain and the nervous system? Is pursuing a fulfilling career in neurosurgery something you have considered? If so, we would like to invite you to join the Canadian Medical Student Interest Group in Neurosurgery (CaMSIGN)! CaMSIGN is the very first Canadian national educational interest group dedicated to neurosurgery. Our primary goal is to connect, educate and inspire medical students across Canada by providing a platform to share their ideas. Our secondary goal is to provide a variety of resources that ultimately help interes
  3. Great job on the improvement for your score! Just echoing others above: Since you've spent time and energy already to study and prepare for the MCAT, you can use end-of-August exams as an opportunity to give it another shot. Worst case scenario is that you get below 509, which for UBC won't matter as they take your best score (but be careful for other Canadian schools, if you do apply there, e.g. UoT). A new exam may pose some stress on your wallet haha, but in my personal opinion, it's worth the energy you've spent to already prepare for the exam. The reason why I do recommend writin
  4. WELL DONE, well done indeed!!! Seeing such a success story after years of perseverance deserves congratulations in its truest form. I cannot wait to welcome you to the UBC med family, my friend, and cannot wait to become colleagues with you Cheers to you and all your classmates, well done !!!
  5. HUUUUGE congratulations to all that have accepted their offers from the UBC Undergraduate Medical Program!!! You guys did it, woohoo!! My dear classmates and I are extremely excited to meet you all and cannot wait to welcome you to the BEST medical program in the world (yes, I said it!) If you use Facebook, please go ahead and join the group for the whole class + the site you'll be attending. This will help you stay in the loop with the very, very, very exciting and fun events we have planned for you guys and, of course, you are more than welcome to ask any medical student from any year a
  6. I agree with @HongHongHong! You definitely have a great MCAT score and your average is for sure competitive I think (also, being IP is good advantage!). Your ECs also look good from what you've mentioned. It is more challenging to become involved with new activities during COVID-19 (opportunities exist but are relatively more limited compared to pre-COVID), but I would suggest using some free time you have now (if that's the case) to try some new things. It would be greatly beneficial for you to try something new and gain experience in that field, while simultaneously giving you more to wr
  7. Just wanted to come here and wish each and every single one of you guys the best as results start rolling in tomorrow!!! Can't tell you just how excited I am for all of you ! I was in your shoes last year this time and many times before that (lol), so I can totally understand the feeling of stress some of you may be having. Regardless of what happens, each of you deserves a great round of applause for all that you've accomplished so far to be here, right now. And thus, regardless of what happens, I am sure that you each deserve to be studying medicine and continue this journey of pract
  8. Absolutely agree with the comments mentioned above! To answer your question, I do agree with @youbesee that typically successful OOP applicants have an average of 90%+. But at the same time, definitely agree with @PremedToronto that you never really know where you stand until you apply. As for GPA, it is what it is and you can't really change that (unless you are planning on taking more courses to potentially boost it). So it comes down to your NAQ, which you can do more and more ECs to increase the probability of having a good score there. Having said that though, I'd argue that a go
  9. Yup, it is a very new scholarship award! We didn't get notified of it last year as it wasn't fully established yet. I would strongly recommend you all consider applying for it! But I also understand how it can be odd to have applicants apply for it pre-results. I suppose they want ample time to consider all applicants at a reasonable level, considering how significant the award is. I wish this could be some sort of hint of acceptance for you guys haha, but don't worry time has no choice but to pass. #SoonEnough
  10. I do because I did! Honestly, no one really knows how much they factor in the MCAT. It could also depend on how your GPA balances with your MCAT, or it could not. Hopefully it works out for you, but if for any reason it doesn’t, I personally think your 125 CARS is good enough (so, most likely it would have been a different reason given that scenario). All the best!
  11. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you all this masterpiece (that's right ) that the UBC Med Class of 2023 has prepared! Make sure to check it out in case you'd like to know EXACTLY how interviews at UBC go down (jk ya'll). Many, many thanks to everyone involved in the making of this incredible video, especially Kevin Z and Melissa K from our class. Hope you all enjoy!
  12. Hey everyone! Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to all applicants in the 2019/2020 cycle who finished their interview at UBC during the past couple of weekends!! Take the time to pat yourselves on the back for finishing up with the stressful portion of your applications! It's just a matter of waiting until May -- I sincerely wish you all the best of successes no matter what happens. I can definitely understand how stressful the wait can be though, so if anyone would like to chat via PM, please feel free to message me. It's much easier said than done, but try to distract yourself with so
  13. Hey everyone! I want to dedicate this short positive message to all interviewees who are interviewing to be (fingers crossed!) in UBC Medicine Class of 2024. It can definitely be nerve-wracking to think your MMI is coming up within a week or two, and I'm sure many of you may be feeling anxious about it. But I encourage you to take a step back and think of everything you've achieved to be here! You guys have all worked so hard, from constantly editing your applications, to submitting them, to achieving the interview stage, to obtaining your reference letters, and to accomplishing all th
  14. Congrats to everyone who got an interview invitation!! It's an incredible achievement to have made this step, so you guys should all be proud of yourselves I just wanted to say that the resources from last year's FB group that I organized is definitely available if you're interested. Feel free to join via the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/173550230242947/ Once you join, click on "Files" tab on the left and feel free to download all the questions (PDF files) the interviewees last year made and practiced. Good luck and looking forward to seeing
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