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  1. Thats true :"Grades from the science prerequisites will be considered in the selection process" , and "all basic science prerequisite courses must meet a minimum grade requirement" So since they just have to meet a min requirement, having a competitive MCAT score would not be taken into consideration!
  2. yeah, sure! this is what they told me and someone else: We are not able to provide any additional information. This is the only ranking information we have been offering applicants as approved by the admissions committee for this cycle.
  3. yeah , same here! I guess we have to email the admission office!
  4. never mind, sorry, just found it!!
  5. thats so weird, cuz on my profile, the dates for this cycle is not showing up!
  6. i havent got mine either! congratsss on being accepted this year
  7. I remember someone was having the same issue and they were told as long as u have ur grade by the time you are submitting your app, ( i.e. as long as the grade is on ur transcript) you should be fine
  8. yeah, its super weird how the waitlist is moving! maybe same holds true for all the other schools!
  9. its great that u asked them! but I believe as long as ur course ending in sep gets graded by the time you are submitting your app, u should be fine
  10. Can someone verify if the language proficiency french test takes effect for this cycle or for Fall 2023 as described below: https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/files/ugme/2021-01-18_language_proficiency.pdf
  11. you mean if Med-ps can apply to Outaouais? yes they can. if you look at the post-interview waitlist, their WL movement is actually really fast
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