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  1. as we get closer, it is definitely getting harder and scarier! its normal to lose our mind and focus at this time! Lets be there for each other's rants!
  2. The problem is for uni, its taking them 5 weeks to have the results back, its kind of hasty to make the same decision in 12 days for Med-p! I would check with the adcoms!
  3. wow!! they make the final decisions in 12 days after the interviews??!!
  4. I didnt even feel like I aced any station tbh! I wish I did though!
  5. You are such a qualified applicant! Im sure u will get ii from McGill!!
  6. what do u mean by CRC ? are u Med-p ?
  7. Good question and complicated scenario! I believe you can apply, since your new major is accepting those credits! but you have to talk to your advisor whether the grades for the minor are going to show up on ur transcript! IF it does, you are good! if your transfer grades from your minor are not going to show up on ur transcript, you still need another 5 courses to be able to apply! It all comes down to what is going to show up on ur transcript! I m assuming that it should, since you have taken them in the same university!
  8. Do you guys know exactly when the II for MD stream is sent out ?
  9. To those who have already applied, do you think by now the adcoms have already made decisions regarding which applicants are getting interview? ( i.e. do you know if by now all applicants have got their pre-interview score ranking) ?
  10. There are mean ppl out here! Don't take it personal! you will get used to it
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