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  1. Couldn't find a thread for this so I had to start a new one... let me know if one already exists. Anyone has any idea when we should expect the next batch of invites/rejections?
  2. I felt good coming out of the interview but the more I think about my answers the more I fear I'm going to get rejected
  3. Does Alberta have role-play scenarios in the interview? What is your advice on how to do well in those?
  4. Anyone knows what the interview dates are for UofT this year?
  5. I posted mine earlier but I got my new MCAT scores since then: GPA: 3.89 MCAT: 128/126/128/126 Extracurriculars: Lots of leadership positions, lots of research, athletics, scholarships. Pretty confident about this section; not sure about the GPA and MCAT.
  6. Thanks for your reply! UofT drops the lowest 6 marks for me, so yes the 3.97 is correct. All three years GPA are around 3.82. The "etc etc" includes dragon boating for 2 years, volunteering at a daycare for 4 summers, 3 awards/scholarships from my university, volunteering at 2 hospitals (one for 4 years and one for 3 years, both ongoing), black belt in martial arts, pianist, committee chair (for a charity event) for 3 years...there should be more but i need to go through my resume to remember them.
  7. Hey everyone! I am new to this thread Please give me your honest thoughts Alberta resident, but applying to all canadian med schools (except for Ottawa for obvious reasons...GPA) cGPA: 3.81 MCAT taken in September 2015, scores not released yet. ECs: President of a club for 3 years, various sports, abstract publication and poster presentation, three other research experiences that are ongoing (one is a paid position), working with children with disabilities, etc etc. Most are long term activities (minimum 2 years each) My wGPA for UofT should be around 3.97. I think my cGPA is go
  8. Guys I am a bit confused... This is my first year applying and I don't know how I should submit the reference letters. Should I just ask the referees to mail the letter to OMSAS? Or is there a specific form that has to be filled out? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Is it normal that they don't charge you for transcripts? I thought they should charge $15 but when I filled out the TRF it says I should pay $0. Thanks in advance!
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