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  1. tks. i would like to submit it tomorrow. not sure they won't have a timer running to avoid confusion.
  2. I would appreciate if someone can double-confirm that we can submit application until Tuesday(Sept 03, 201) night (ie about 11 pm). thank you so much and good luck.
  3. Oh anybody reading this thread--> don't study computer science if you ever think of going to medicine. It's a total different world. In the entire four years program, you won't take a single course that would help you prepare for mcat or medical school. I know people will tell you that it teaches you logical and mathematical reasoning that is at core of medicine. Oh well, you can learn it counting stars too.
  4. Actually, above mentioned post tells everything. - It's absolutely doable. - Be prepared that it might turn into a long journey, so don't rush. - If you think, you are financially and academically not ready to do well in your second degree, take time off. - Many of us don't want to waste a year and jump into doing something that is not feasible for us at that stage.It's not a smart strategy. In a nutshell, if you can work hard to make yourself academically competitive and have patients, I bet you will make it.
  5. Wow ... only a few students(not even a few ...) missed an entire passage. I guess I don't have to wait for my result; I know what gonna happen .
  6. Thanks. I pray and hope you get a decent score. I know it's nerve breaking. As you said, it's actually do able depending on how I did on other passages.My problem is I am not sure how well I did on other passages. CARS is a nightmare for me. I want to get rid of this CARS thing. It's f$$$ ruined my life. I realized all of the test takers at my center felt confident after CARS except me. I could read faces hahah I think AdCom should move towards - best three sections for MCAT .
  7. I wrote MCAT but have not got my score yet. I could not answer last passage - blindly marked all Cs . I had to rush through passage#8. How much should I expect? Did anybody do decent(125+) after missing an entire passage? Thanks UD
  8. Classic... I failed to meet MCAT CARS cut-off. I thought it was my best section. Good luck guys. At least, you have one less IP applicant
  9. if anybody knows how new mcat gonna be scored? Anybody applied with pending mcat score? I got bombed. I can't see that I would meet the IP cuff-off. I know its horrible . . It;s freaking stressful when you certainly know that you did very poor at exam but result is not yet on your hands.
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