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  1. Curious question. Is it worth applying with an AGPA 4.39/4.5 and MCAT of 518 as an OOP applicant?
  2. Hi all, I will be applying to UofT with a completed MSc degree (research-based) and saw that in order to be evaluated as a graduate applicant, at least one first-author publication must be provided. Would first-author conference abstracts that have been published in a medical journal count towards this requirement (each having their associated citation/reference)? Are they looking for primary research articles only, or would any first-author pub suffice (ex. reviews, textbook chapters, book reviews, etc)? Also, could manuscripts that have been submitted to a journal (with an ass
  3. Hi everyone, If I were to take 2 english courses during my 2nd year of my MSc to satisfy the english prereqs for Canadian/State medical schools, would they include the marks I receive as part of my overall undergraduate GPA when I apply, or would they just be used to satisfy the course prereqs and leave my undergraduate GPA as is. Thanks
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