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  1. The admissions representative identified that changes made to the calendar must be published for one year before they come into effect. I heard the statement 3rd hand, but I am confident in the authority of who made the statement.
  2. Disclaimer: The application cycle opening in 2017 for admission in August 2018 is NOT affected by the following information. As alluded to in a number of threads in this topic, the requirements for admission to the University of Alberta MD Program have been updated. As published in the University of Alberta Calendar1, for the cycle opening in 2018, admission to the MD program will require an undergraduate degree. The minimum GPA for residents of Alberta remains 3.3, with out of province applicants at a minimum of 3.5 on a 4 point scale. Admission decisions will be based on the overall GPA
  3. Hi Oenak138, I am in a very similar position; in EMS for 7 years, 2 as a Paramedic in Alberta. I find that there is a lot of desirable things about Paramedicine, the flexible hours, the pay, and the learning. But ultimately I realized that I'm unhappy with the limited scope, lack of professional awareness and lack of opportunities for professional advancement. My passion is for practicing medicine and what I want to be able to do for my patients simply cannot be done as a Paramedic. That, and I just can't see myself being a Paramedic for another 30 years. I began just a few weeks ago on
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