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  1. I agree that you shouldn't choose the school just based on money and most of us were not just thinking about debt or tuition when recommending McGill to OP. If McGill only offered half the clinical experience compared to uoft or Western for half the price then I wouldn't really recommend McGill as strongly but from what I am learning about McGill from these senior students it seems that they get the same if not more clincal exp in some areas than UofT for 1/2 the price ... and I was talking to a Western friend and it seems like their clinical exp is pretty similar to UofT. I asked one o
  2. Ohh i thought you meant you have to do 12 root canal treatments (like 12 teeth) as a minimum haha. ya 12 canals sounds more reasonable.
  3. dam minimum 12 root canals.. UofT minimum is 5 teeth (only one of them has to be a molar) and even then people have a hard time finishing our endo credits.
  4. Hello 3rd year student at UofT. If you can get a similar clinical and didactic experience for almost half the cost and live in an amazing city like montreal then I feel like that's a pretty good choice. I went to UofT mainly because my family and friends were in Toronto, but I think I would have went to McGill back then if I knew how cheap it was... Didactic wise: I feel like dental school is pretty heavy didactically anywhere you go but a pass/fail would have been amazing because one of the largest sources of stress for me in school was the letter grade system. Being in a competit
  5. ya so 3.85 is just a benchmark to use if you want to gauge how competitive you are for an interview. Nope, they don't ever mention specifically what kind of a bonus (or even if they do give it out) to masters students. I just mention that because I did my masters and got into uoft with a 3.85wgpa and when i talked to another classmate who did their masters they had a sim wgpa to mine and I know that they look for much higher wgpa for students coming from 3rd year or 4th year. At the end of the day, even 3rd of 4th years can get an interview with 3.85 gpa but I think itll be much harder for the
  6. Hey, based off of previous years statistics (and the FAQ page: https://www.dentistry.utoronto.ca/dds-admissions-faq), a WGPA of at least 3.85 is what the program is looking for in a competitive applicant. However, that doesn't mean if you have below 3.85 you'll be cut or anything - just wanted you to know that that's where the bar is. Your DAT score is amazing so I think that will definitely help make up for your GPA. From what I've seen, it's the people with a masters or pHD that can get away more easily with having a 3.85 (or a bit lower) GPA - however I think you have an okay chance at ge
  7. Oh really ?? Ya I needed money to pay the deposit too but they still wouldn't give me the loan. Maybe its different for different branches and the person that you talk to.
  8. You can open a line of credit but you wont get any money from it until you get your proof of enrollment ... which is given after you start school. This is the policy for both RBC and scotia so most likely other banks are like this too. Unless you know of a bank that gives you 250K with just a letter of acceptance.
  9. literally the first thing they told me was that their offer is 300k lol
  10. I agree with Eureka that having a great advisor is key - however to those looking for LOC right now it is highly advisable that you guys look around before settling. I've been using RBC my whole life and so naturally I went to RBC to apply for an LOC. Their max right now is 275K and prime -0.25%. However, when they were calculating how much to offer me they deducted my OSAP debt of 40K (is this normal lol?) and made it 235K. With tuition being around 50K/year and cost of living downtown toronto 10K+ I was thinking that I will def need to get other sources of money later on. However
  11. Yep I interviewed this year - I find it very weird that a lot of people dont find it that its not like CDA AT ALL when they just basically ask like past experience and scenario questions for the 1st part which is basically what CDA is. However I agree (now that I think about it harder lol) that the style in which they asked the questions differed a lot from how UofT asked their questions. And if it's also true that they dont mark based on competencies anymore then well I guess Western is no longer CDA. ** i guess my interpretation of what CDA style is that they ask you like 7 questions in
  12. I found no difference between UofT CDA format and Western's "CDA" format for my interviews. The only difference is that after your 7 questions in western they like to ask you 1-2 random question + some traditional questions if they have time. **oh and the 7 questions - I'm pretty sure they don't make those...they seemed liked very standardized questions to me for my western interview. The only questions that they make up are probably those random questions that I talked about above... but maybe that was just for my interview and other's had less of a CDA style interview and more of "wes
  13. Actually Western Dentistry still utilizes CDA so I don't know if you have "never" did a CDA interview before since you got in by doing their CDA interview I assume lol. Although Western's interview is a mix of CDA and "traditional" but from my exp it's mostly CDA. CDA - 6-7 questions based on 7 competencies (the main characteristics that dental school looks for) They are mainly in the format of "Tell me about a time -----" or "Did you ever encounter this problem ----" and there are couple of scenario questions like "If your friend ate your turkey sandwich without telling you what w
  14. Accepted GPA: ~88% IP DAT: 23AA 25RC Interview: thought it went really well - got them to laugh and overall I felt I had a very good conversation with them. Year: 2nd year Graduate ABS: Lots of leadership, research, sports, awards and music However I will be declining for UofT so good luck to those on the wait list.
  15. I believe it was stated that the personality test is worth 15% of your admissions scoring.
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