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  1. UBC only cares about GPA/DAT to get an interveiw. OPP got interviews with mid 80's and mid 20 DAT scores
  2. We have until April 8th to pay the deposit so I'd assume you'll see movement soon after that!
  3. I'm not sure what the answer is, however, my friend, who was accepted last year, was not emailed with the initial invites. He got his 2 weeks later...
  4. The degree usually doesn't matter either... maybe take something easier than biochem if you're worried!
  5. Are there any current students who remember when they were told results would be released and when they actually heard? If so please share! I have a feeling the results will come out sooner because they might want to give themselves the maximum time in case some delay happened during the selection process.
  6. I disagree Commons. As individuals get older their personalities become more fixed. If you start dental school as an awkward, unethical individual you are more likely to end it as so. Sure you're correct in saying people are not the same post education but the change in disposition is not to significant: I am referring to core aspects of one self (empathy) not skills we learn through repetition such as critical thinking. Any intelligent individual can walk through a CDA. Perhaps you should learn to respect others opinions. This PM101 site is full of first time applicants thus they will ten
  7. Why not apply! You have nothing to lose. Don't take the messages on these forums to seriously. For one, the people who post only make a subset of the dental school applicants and additionally you have no way to verify what their applications look like: perhaps they took part studies, or maybe they retook a course 3 times. There is a great variety of students who get interviews. I would apply before I dedicated the time and effort into a masters. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!!!
  8. Hey I am at UVic this semester! There is actually an MMI mock interview the university puts on for us.. come join. I think I'm in the Jan 29 in the afternoon and there is space left. PM me
  9. What a shame... I sure hope they help you out! Would you choose med over dent if you had to pick? Is it common for people to apply for both?
  10. Invite (IP) Date: Feb 13 GPA: 8.3 UVic, 87.5% (if you take the minimum % for each grade) DAT: 20AA, 21 PAT Congrats to everyone!
  11. Just buy boot camp and do the PAT section everyday. RC is super easy and the American tests are way harder than the the Canadian stuff. You honestly don't need to practice for the RC
  12. UBC dent must use a conversion table at the mid point, not minimum. I'll compare Med and the Dental stats to demonstrate my point. Considering they both have very similar enrolment GPA averages it would only make sense. if UBC dental used the minimum of each grade category (A+ = 90%, A = 85%) then it would actually be more competitive than med because that GPA average is calculated at the mid point of each grade (A+ = 95%, A= 87%). Example: 5 course GPA in % (assuming dental uses the minimum and med uses the mid) Dental: 90, 90, 90, 85, 85 = 88% (3A+, 2A) Med: 95, 8
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