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  1. I think that makes sense! Did anyone get good scores in the ethical standards/professionalism section and research/scholarship? Any ideas of what they are looking for here?
  2. I know some universities don't accept undergrads if not from Canada, so its best to check with the school. Even if you are an EU citizen, there are "rules" to determine what qualifies individuals for EU and international fees, so it may be a bit more complicated as there are usually residence requirements. What about doing med school in the EU? Then you dont even have to have an undergrad. Coming back may be challenging but is manageable. Also, would be good to check how residence is based when applying to Canadian schools if studying abroad even if you are Canadian, I m not su
  3. This process is highly subjective and long. Keep your head up. I don't think there is a right answer here as it's hard to know what the schools are looking for. I was on the U of C waitlist in 2017 and didn't even get an interview in 2018 and 2019. I was just accepted to U of A. I wrote my MCAT a few times. I scored a 493 (that's the 25% percentile lol), an then in the low 500s. If you really think you are going to do better, then go for it. I think writing the MCAT also shows how bad you want this...that's just my opinion. I also think there is a lot of merit in good EC's. I have a
  4. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: Less than 3.5 (undergrad) ....I know right!  MCAT: 506 Degree: BSc and MSc E.C: Volunteer with youth, sports and coach and lifeguarding. Last year, I also got an interview. Interview: This was my second interview at U of A, after being on the waitlist for U of C in 2017 (no subsequent interviews there)! Last year, I was likely low on the list as I was offered an interview after the original offers came out, so I was already lacking confidence going into it. This year, I just went in and was myself. I approached it with the att
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