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  1. Hello, I've registered for MCAT course with KAPLAN, but will not be taking it as I already am attending a med school. If anyone wants to take over my plan at a much reduced cost, please send me an email at tlee5588@gmail.com. I know this post is not as relevant, so please let me know if it is inappropriate, but I'm not advertising for anything and this is a personal transfer. Thank you Thomas
  2. It makes sense, and I've already included only the postsecondary institutions, but it seems redundant because there is "Postsecondary Education" below "MCAT" section to describe all this. Am I the only person that thinks this is a waste of entry?
  3. Yes. All transcripts have been submitted. Are people including institutions still? I wonder.
  4. Hi there, What are people's opinion on which institutions to add to the Sketch? For example, I attended various institutions for courses and it seems like a waste of entry to include every school where I did not get degrees. What did everyone else do? For now I just have 2 institutions where I completed undergraduate and masters degree. Thanks everyone
  5. Does anyone know whether the reference forms are the same as last year? I want to make sure before I designate the same person (it'll be the same person from last time and I want them to know this).
  6. Wow.. why do we only get 250 characters for everything this year? We had many more characters last year did we not?
  7. Thanks - must send in 3 same transcripts all over again! How Fun.
  8. I applied last year without much luck. The same transcripts will be used this year - just wanted to to make sure they must be resubmitted and that we don't have an option to request the same transcripts to be used (This is actually an option at UBC). Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, I am quite free now but will be busy in the next coming months. So I though I would start preparing for my OMSAS application now. Just wanted to know if anyone remembers how many entries were available for: -volunteer activities -Extra-curricular activities -awards & accomplishments -etc so on. So I can plan my application now. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I thought it was perhaps not allowed to put your work under non-academics. Thanks for confirming it is okay.
  11. Yeah. I am leaning away from Australian schools for that reason. Thanks for all your helpful comments Bambi.
  12. Yeah, I have realized in the past months that application is somewhat of a skill. The last time I applied I did not realize this, which may partly be due to me coming from an engineering background where concrete hard facts and minimal descriptions of accomplishments are perhaps better accepted. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I will try for McGill this year. To be honest I have been accepted to some Australians schools and recently been swayed towards them simply because I've been hearing so many stories of people trying without much luck in Canada.
  13. Thanks for your thought. I think I agree with you partly as there appears to be Canadian schools that really emphasize too much on MCAT scores. Mcgill is a bit out of reach it seems as I would be considered out-of-province. I will look into Big Brothers Big Sisters. I recently started volunteering at a senior's home for war veterans and I agree with you I can see it becoming a very meaningful experience.
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