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  1. Any knowledge about how many more unregistered students spots still visible?
  2. I know it's a little too enthusiastic but I'd say hang in there. We will know after the long weekend. There might still be a few offers - final offers.
  3. I don't want to raise any hopes but since they have not sent out notifications to those on the standby wait list, two things are very possible: 1. That the class isn't filled yet 2. More wait list offers are still pending. This week might be it.
  4. There is no minimum mcat requirement for this cycle and next cycle. I would imagine same requirements for next cycle as this cycle for most requirements
  5. I'm middle third. Still hopeful but started reviewing mcat as back up plan while continuing to work full time. If I do get in, I'm planning to defer for a year. It's been a long wait,certainly different from last year
  6. Congrats. Was Regina your first choice? Or have they exhausted Saskatoon sites? Just curious.
  7. Let's hope tomorrow (being June) is the start of a new dawn. Last year, most offers off the wait list on this forum started coming in first week of June. I know it is a pain to wait but anything could still happen. All the best
  8. Last year (2014/15) made it through to bottom third. IMO, last year had more than 24 IP slots but only had 24 people on the wait list hence 2 unfilled slots taken by OOP. We will have to wait to see what this year brings. Next week will certainly be a huge week for wait list movement - IP and OOP
  9. I won't worry too much for now. There was no mention of wait list movement in last year's wait list thread until June 4th for users of this platform. So hang in there. What will be will be.
  10. In all honesty, no one really knows. Even the COM may have anticipated a lot of movement in IP this year, even more than that of last year hence, the larger wait list this year. I suspect it is because of the GPA/MCAT combo which should ideally increase the number of applicants applying to multiple schools compared to last year (all things being equal).
  11. U of A actually is 4. U of C is 3. You raise a great point about specialty That being said, a lot of factors go into one's choice of medical school - family proximity, choice of specialty and residency, overall university experience, performance in CARMS etc. Personally, I think three years vs four years is a matter of choice. Some people would prefer to spend their summers getting involved in summer research, travelling and staying sane between terms. Good luck with your choice. I am sure you will be happy at the end of the day - that's what matters
  12. Is it possible to know one's position on the waitlist group once deciles are released by end of month? Any thought?
  13. You are right - 10 only. There is always that chance. Last year's numbers was an anomaly for OOP But the fact is no one really knows what this year's stats will end up being Hopefully, a similar trend could occur as last year. That being said, some of the events below could change the game for OOP and Equity numbers. - Some equity students may secure places through the SK pool - 5 did last year and there is no idea how many passed the interview (since cut off is the same for all IPs). That being said, equity could be tight considering the highest numbers interviewed in the history of ap
  14. That does make sense. That would be 117 that passed interview (117 - (5+8+24) = 80 accepted and confirmed - minus 5 deferring - minus 8 rejected on professional grounds - minus 24 Declining So technically they would have been able to accommodate up to 26 IP from wait list if they had 30. (recall 2 added to OOP) Total IP 88 for 2015 - 80 from current candidates - 5 from equity (SK Pool) - 3 from previous year deferring I know every year is different but I am sending positive vibes and forecasting better odds, some slots (at least 4 from OOP and Equity) and at least 20
  15. I would hazard the following: 1. Similar decline numbers as last year than previous years since more applicants may have applied to more than one school (due to BSc and MCAT requirements) especially those with averages greater than 85% and decent MCAT scores 2. Movement could be similar. Although there are more Equity candidates interviewed than last year, they may or may not end up taking up all 10 seats. So there may be some seats left from equity quota (including OOP). And the fact that all 10 seats were available to IP last year should not change the dynamics that much since all succe
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