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  1. I would love some elaboration on this, is it just because of customer service? In what province, if you don't mind me asking? As well, were you offered any perks (credit cards, free accounts?) Thanks!
  2. As for community related - I have a lot more in this area. Anything in your community, I am quite involved in cultural events that bring tourists to my community so maybe communities that are less reliant on the tourism industry don't have as many opportunities but any women's/church groups could definitely fall in this category. Community clean up groups/projects are common as well. I have friends that volunteered for local TV stations that film/broadcast local events and counted that as community related. Make a huge list of everything you have done and try to think about whether anything ha
  3. Hey! I am traditional applicant (successful) and I only had one (loosely) medically related experience as well - aside from some family experience that I drew on in the essay (but nothing extraordinary - I have never been a primary caregiver etc). I volunteered in a home for cognitively challenged adults for 5+ years. I mostly volunteered doing activities so none of my duties were directly health care related but I made sure the adcoms understood that I saw a lot of health care from the sidelines, as I'm sure you have as well. I spent ~2h a week during the summers and less (mostly just for sp
  4. Anyone have any guesses on when OOP will find out? Seems crazy we still have to wait now that 90%+ of the class is decided. I want to know when I have to make a decision by... just incase!
  5. Can anyone weigh in a bit on life in St. John's? Where do you live, how hard is it to get around/leave the island for breaks if you're from away (in the winter specifically), what do you like/dislike about the city. Any and all opinions are super helpful and interesting!
  6. This is great everyone! Wondering if there are any UofC med students out there that don't have a car, or maybe didn't at least for first year? Did you manage okay? Compared to Halifax, where living without a car would be easy - just comparing.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any info on where Med students typically live while attending UofC and how difficult it is to find a good place with the tight turnaround. If I get accepted to Calgary and attend I will only have a couple months to move cross-country and find a place I like/can afford. Any tips would be much appreciated!
  8. Would love if people could weigh in on comparing the Halifax campus to Newfoundland as well! Always great to see other people's perspectives on this.
  9. Copying a post from a MUN forum. Aside from the obvious 3 vs 4 years what are people opinions of UofC vs Dalhousie, or MUN? Would love to hear from current students and premeds alike!
  10. Accepted! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 517 Interview: Felt great leaving, felt I made a lot of connections with the interviewers, lots of conversation. Supplemental: honestly thought this would keep me out, my essay content was strong I believe but didn't feel it was "polished" enough. My ECs were haphazardly entered to some extent, noticed typos in dates etc after submission.
  11. I would love even a "decision letters will not be sent this week" again, or a "not tomorrow". The amount of productivity this is robbing from me is insane.
  12. Exactly. I don't even want to know the amount of hours I've wasted here, refreshing the app status and my email when I should be doing other school related things :/ I'm sooo tired of waiting.
  13. Gahh, do you think admissions will say anything today? I don't think they'll say anything unless decisions won't be out this week which I think (hope/pray) is unlikely. I still think tomorrow or Thursday are most likely (still holding on to that last shred of hope for today though), and I don't think they'll say anything if that is the case.
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