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  1. Thank you for the info! the variety of work is definitely an attracting factor. I guess I just need to figure out how I can top up that shorter residency training to be certified in Canada.
  2. In my area, FM hospitalists are becoming scarce in the academic or big community hospitals as they are mostly taken over by IMs. When I was talking to the FM docs here, they said they don't have as much flexibility in their practice as before because docs are mostly hired nowadays. The current system is trying to push FMs work mostly in the outpatient setting. FM docs who used to do a lot of OBs are now having to give that up because of that.
  3. Wow the patients hospitalists sees sound so different from here in the states. Most of urban and sub-urban hospitalists here are IM and they see everyone admitted from the ED. The hospital where I am at, the turn over rate is around 3-5 days, so I guess there is not much use of having someone like Canadian hosptialists. And if the patients require long term stays, It sounds like it's harder for FM to joggle between clinic and hospital work long-term.
  4. Thanks for the info! This helps a lot! I always assumed it's harder for GIM getting referrals as FM may just refer them to the specialists who are better trained in managing those patients lol And correct me if I'm wrong, is it true FM hospitalist jobs may become obsolete in the future because GIM may take over?
  5. Yes, I am and this helps a lot! I like the inpatient work but I heard it's not easy to find a hospitalist job with a 3-year GIM training (as I will most likely train in the US) in GTA area. Maybe I'm being naive but I actually prefer a tougher residency over a chill shorter one as it will train me to be a better doctor.
  6. Hi guys, I'm a 4th year Canadian DO student and I am in desperate need of insights on the GIM's scope of practice in Canada. Any information is greatly appreciated as this unusual time has made it impossible to shadow or do an international rotation to have a direct observation. I am currently torn between IM and FM because I like the GIM outpatient clinic but I heard GIM mostly work in hospitals in Canada. I like GIM outpatient because I enjoy the continuity of care and the breadth/depth of disease GIM sees. I also don't mind NOT seeing peds or OB/GYN patients (sorry pediatricians and O
  7. Hi everyone, I am a third year DO student in the states who is interested in IM and want to specialize in cardiology or nephrology. I understand IM residencies are competitive as an IMG in Canada so I'm planning to finish IM residency in the states. However, I would like to complete fellowship in Canada if possible because I'd like to come back home as early as I can and cardiology fellowship is harder to get as a visa holder. I'm wondering if I can apply for fellowship as an US IM resident. If not, is it possible to subspecialize after coming back to Canada? Any insight is greatly appreciated
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