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  1. I mean, 50$ to spend 8 hours with second year medical students taking time out of their schedule to help coach future applicants, not to mention tea/coffee, snacks and a lunch seems like a pretty good deal. Plus it goes to charity!
  2. Hey MedNut, I was very much like you in my first two years of undergrad! What helped me cope was actively trying new activities that may never be included in my med application: example, I did my first Paint Nite (so much fun), played basketball for the first time since high school, volunteered to edit an esthetician's blog, started a blog about cafes in my city... really random, sometimes ridiculous stuff that made me laugh and helped me make time for my friends and family. It's hard to see it sometimes, but there is a life outside of medicine and working towards medicine. So go rape
  3. Good questions! I'm not 100% sure about the English part, but the people I've spoken to in my class said they were asked questions in English. I don't remember if I put in my app that I was bilingual... but it would make sense to double-check for French applicants because even though we learn our clinical skills in French, oftentimes our patients are anglophone. I'll see if I can find some more info about this, don't want to spread any false information.
  4. I would argue all French stream applicants are bilingual- we have to be able to communicate in English, and our English proficiency is tested during the interview. Also, the classes are in French, but you can write your exams in English or in French if you choose. I agree that an English exam can cause francophones some trouble, especially if French is their first language, however, I foresee there being different minimums for the MCAT for this stream rather than not having it altogether. It has more to do with the need to further differentiate applicants than anything else. Not sure what to s
  5. https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/application-process/excellence-marks Only wGPA is used as far as I know.
  6. Je pense que tant et aussi longtemps tu completes les cours avant le mois de juin 2017, tu ne seras pas pénalisé. Par contre, je ne sais pas si le règlement de 3 années consécutives d'études a temps plein est en vigueur pour les cégépiens. Ca vaudrait la peine de contacter le bureau d'admissions pour verifier! Les cours suivis pendant l'été ne comptent pas pour ta moyenne, donc tu pourrais les prendre pendant l'été sans que ces cours affectent ta moyenne d'admission.
  7. Selon les critères affichées sur le site web de la Faculté de médecine, votre cours de Chimie générale + chimie des solutions est équivalent au cours de Chimie générale uOttawa (CHM 1711), et votre cours de Chimie organique I est équivalent au cours de Chimie organique I uOttawa (CHM 1721). Puisque vous avez besoin de 4 cours de chimie/biochimie, je pense qu'il vous reste 2 cours chimie/biochimie à prendre, soit Chimie organique II (CHM 2520, avec labo CHM 2523) et/ou Biochimie (BCH 2733) et/ou Chimie minérale (CHM 3753). https://med.uottawa.ca/premier-cycle/admissions/processus-demande/c
  8. I'm a firm believer that if you pick an undergrad program you love, you will do well and work hard to get good grades. That being said, engineering is traditionally a challenging program, and getting good enough marks to compete with other Canadian medical school applicants won't be a walk in the park. A friend of mine did a degree in biotech (chem eng and biochem) and got accepted, so it's definitely not impossible! You also have to think about having/making time for extracurricular activities. Grades are important to get schools looking at your autobiographical sketch, however, you need
  9. I think you'd be fine in the French stream. Just make sure to practice your French, especially for the interview; do your best to avoid using English words (when possible, I mean sometimes it can't be avoided, hehe) and "les anglicismes".
  10. Hehe, not going to argue about tuition! But it also depends on whether you're comfortable doing the program in 3 years or in 4, at the end of the day tuition is expensive everywhere and most of us will owe a lot of cash by the time we hit residency. I think it's nice to have the summers after first and second year off to pursue other interests and to relax!
  11. Hey there, Congratz on your acceptances! I'll try to be brief with my spiel since I have to get back to studying for finals (go renal, go!). For me, what sets uOttawa apart from other med schools is the early experiences we get with patients. We're able to sign up for non-mandatory electives as early as October of our first year, and community preceptorships (where every med student is paired with a community doctor) are organized as early as first semester for the French stream and second semester for the English stream. Not 100% sure how other schools do it, however, maybe you're bet
  12. If you look at page 14 of the OMSAS pdf: http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/omsas/b_omsas_e.pdf, you'll get last year's stats for both streams. As to why the French Stream is smaller, I'm not entirely sure!
  13. Hi StevenJad, While not a student originally from Quebec, I am currently studying in the French Stream at uOttawa. From what I understand, the admissions process does not change for out-of-province students. Everyone applies to uOttawa Med through OMSAS and must fulfill all the pre-requisites (WGPA, courses, CASPER, minimum of 3 years of undergraduate studies). There is a WGPA specific for the residents of Quebec, but you would have to e-mail the admissions office for the exact number. http://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/application-process/eligibility-requirements You c
  14. Hey guys! In terms of research, a few opportunities with clinician-researchers pop up during the semester. Usually we are notified of these via e-mail by our class presidents. Another cool thing they have is a summer research studentship: http://www.med.uottawa.ca/Research/eng/05-summer_research_work_programs_1-2_year_medical_students.html I actually just finished applying to this one, it's a fantastic opportunity to get research experience in various fields, especially if the speciality you're considering is competitive and requires research experience. You are also free to c
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