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  1. While electives are important with COVID it is easier to argue your interest with less elective time than it normally would. At the end of the day strong letters (esp from CTU) for IM are the most important and it sounds like you already have 2 of them so I would definitely apply.
  2. Honestly, clerkship is the best prep. If you were engaged and studied during your rotations it will be fine; maybe brush up on rotations that were very early in clerkship.
  3. Sounds like you just started post-MF4. Don't worry too much right now, knowledge bases are built over time and part of the utility of that block is to help you direct your studying in more "high yield" clinically relevant areas, and also since this is also your first real clinical exposure there is a bit of a learning curve to how pimping questions can be asked. If you don't know an answer you can try to reason it out loud (some preceptors want to see thought process) or you can say that you don't know but that you will look it up – just make sure to actually look it up and get the ques
  4. Wait until you have a confirmed elective to do all the paperwork.
  5. On the easier side, but make sure you know the manual inside and out and especially understand anything that is math based, K unit is like the quizzes.
  6. At Mac they basically won't let the lecturer present unless they're willing to be recorded, and lectures are never mandatory (in pre-clerkship). You can probably guess how many people go to lecture...
  7. Does not include pre-clerkship electives (post MF4 at McMaster and whatever the equivalent at Calgary is)
  8. What unit are you in? All of them are 90+able but I agree it is a stupid course; see if you can get a lab book from someone who took the course last year. Submit early for the G unit bonus marks, and make sure you have a good group for Kraj and don't lose stupid marks like a group member not asking questions during the final presentation. Ask around about the exam and know the resource manual inside and out.
  9. I don't think this captures the whole story of people's rank order lists. Specifically, by not including any factor relating to location preference (which we don't know from the Carms data) it makes the numbers you generate relatively meaningless, some home schools are more competitive than others for example, this is a fact borne out by the fact that some schools have virtually no unfilled spots even in less competitive disciplines year after year.
  10. As long as the number of residency positions and graduating medical students stays where they are, a policy like this actually does nothing it purports to do with respect to CaRMS, everything ends up filled anyway because of supply and demand.
  11. One aspect of this proposal also put forward is to consider all surgical disciplines as one instead of for example peds ortho and ortho counting as separate electives.
  12. ~25k of which ~ 15k was in grants, 3-year school though so first two years are assessed as in school for 12 months.
  13. LOR at U of A is pass/fail as are most schools in Canada.
  14. Specific expectations for core/elective students tend to differ. In my experience, not all school's automatically put elective students on call for a rotation you may have to specifically request it by contacting the chief resident etc. (you should IMO if you are interested in a program).
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