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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me. It means a lot to me right now when anyone posts on here because I'm feeling very disheartened. I guess it makes me sad. I am trying really hard not to be. But I can't understand why others behave this way, I just never could. I really don't think they are worried about replacement...without going into too much detail, my position essentially won't exist anymore when I leave so the replacement question isn't an issue. So if it's not a question of being annoyed in finding a replacement, then what is it??? Why would they be jelous if they didn't
  2. I am not a fan of this policy one bit. Did they give a rationale as to why they made this change? Did they get any questions on it?
  3. Thanks so much for your empathy. Unprofessional yes, for sure. They aren't worried about finding a replacement tho...relatively new, plus I'm not permanent....and they hadn't been treating me well anyway before this. But it just got kind of worse. You think they muster up enough to just be respectful and courteous. My boss did make the announcement...finally...and no one said a word and most looked away from me at the staff meeting...after like a full minute of silence....one person said congrats....no one else followed...it was like awful...but anyway...the worst is hopefully over now and
  4. I just felt like writing here as I am really not having a fun time working out my notice and just wanted to vent. Since I gave my resignation, things have been really awkward...when I handed my letter to my boss, they didn't even say congrats or anything...just kept a pretty hard jaw and basically was like "OK." Maybe I shouldn't have expected any salutations, like good luck, my best, or congrats etc...but I am definitely the kind of person that would, so it just....ugh.. also I don't think anyone else knows as no one's said anything. I dunno, it's the first time I've ever had to resign (vs a
  5. Thanks G!! That's quite the compliment coming from you. It would be awesome to work with you too, who knows what the future holds! This is going to be such a ride, I'm getting ready for the ride of my life (in reference to both the ups and the downs!!). Thanks again for your warm wishes.
  6. There will always be questions that refer to topics you don't really know about or haven't thought of. The first thing you must do is not even approach it like there is a way to do enough reading or knowing enough that you can know the question that is coming- because then you will feel super anxious and let down when the inevitable happens and there's questions you didn't see coming. It's just what the MMI is almost designed to do- see how you think on your feet. There are ways though to get better at dealing with these foreign questions. My strategy kind of goes something like this: 1) A
  7. Who is going to the Financial Aid presentation in Thunder Bay on June 24th? Hopefully, there will be some good info to ease our minds a bit about the financial burden of all this. They are also having the Web Ex seminars for those of us who can't physically make it to Sudbury/TBay.
  8. I really can't speak to what the requirements are in Quebec...but I think in Ontario, the OMSAS GPA weighs the higher year courses more towards your GPA as well as full year courses more than one semester courses. I don't know what your first degree cGPA would be...it probably would be middle of the road or on the lower side as your grades were poor in year 1 but better in yr 2 and 3... I don't think in ON that is the business school GPA is a competitive one..again it depends on what the OMSAS GPA is...but this gives us an idea already though of how it might be. I don't think ON schoo
  9. Just stuff like a premium cc from both and at RBC their VIP banking package with that with fees waived. They don't usually do it though and she just did it for me because of the extra delays and stress this all was on me that for the most part it didn't need to be.
  10. med schools seem to always be doing things to change the game in the last few years...be grateful that it's not U of Ottawa where there was a bit of a scare that the MCAT would be introduced for the coming cycle...and apparently that has been changed so it will be for the cycle after that...but people are losing their **** on that board, I don't blame them. I agree this is a really unfortunate change. I like that NOSM seems to be a school that values life experiences, maturity and their second degree option always indicated to me that they believed in second chances, which was refreshing t
  11. Thanks for all your comments guys and all the advice. RBC just let me know my LOC came back approved! I don't really know that any of that was as a big deal as she was making it sound but anyway..They are offering me quite a few perks now beyond the regular deal without me asking...but since I was waiting for them for a while and stressing, in the meantime, I got talking to CIBC and Scotia...CIBC went to their lead or whoever to ask for the exception and is offering me a great deal as well, Scotia's deal is as is what is on their site, so nothing extra there although I agree that Rod is great
  12. These are just my thoughts so take it with a grain of salt. Personally, I don't think there's enough context here to give a competitive score in this area if really only one year has been in TBay after post-secondary with the other locations being no/iffy for context...just my opinion. They do consider other areas pre-interview too, so maybe if you knock the academics/ABS/Supplementary questions/EC's out of the park, you could still get an interview. In the final hurdle, it will be really tough though I think.
  13. Talking to Scotia at the moment, will let you know how it goes!
  14. Update: RBC says this is really unfortunate and they will need to have their manager add some support notes and then send it back out...I was hoping she would have already done that but I am still waiting and hoping she can do this for me quickly as I really need to get this squared away... they also say that although bankruptcies are on file for 7 years, late bills are on for life....so I will always have a problem getting credit in the future regardless of the fact that I do use credit responsibly. Very disheartening to hear that a few "late" bills will follow me around forever even though
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