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  1. Thank you everyone for providing your feedback and advice on my post! They are all very helpful and your responses mean a lot to me!! <3
  2. Wow! Thank you so much for taking your time to write such a detailed post regarding the Ontario schools. And this is truly sooo encouraging to hear that i may have some chance!! TY!!!
  3. hi y'all! just wanted your advice on my current stats. I graduated this year btw. Y1: 2.67 Y2: 3.76 Y3: 3.76 Y4: 3.78 Y5: 3.93 with WINTER 2020; 3.88 without WINTER 2020 cumulative: 3.58 Weighted GPA (without WINTER 2020): 3.83 :/ MCAT (3rd attempt): 508 --> 126/128/127127 1-2ish years ago in my 4th year, some people here had very encouragingly told me to do a 5th year, and get to at weighted mid 3.8+ GPA , get my CARS for realistic chances (THANK YOU TO THEM to help me improve from where i was to begin with !). However, i now hear someti
  4. Hi! Does anyone know what is the character limit for personal activities for this current cycle. I cannot access the secondaries as they now want References in the primary application (WHY do this!), so waiting on that.... but wanted to start polishing my personal activities sections till then. It's weird they gave the character limit for the 3 required essays, but no where on the website can I find the info for personal activities limit. Thank you so much and Good luck to you all!
  5. I am honestly surprised by the Queens stats Moonlight2! they are so secretive with their GPA and MCAT requirements and that too only 100 seats, I expected some supppppperrr high averages for both of them! Thank you for this piece of info though give me some hope lol !
  6. Thank you Meridian! As you and even Bosspie commented that my GPA needs to be focused, it certainly gives me direction as what to do next year!! Sincerely appreciate your comments
  7. Thank you! I will certainly look into what that is And I wish you all the very best for your next cycle
  8. Hi Guys! I am currently in my fourth year of undergrad, from Ontario. I applied to Macmaster and Queens this cycle and got rejected pre-interview (understandable, thank you CARS!), but glad I got the experience ( basically applied to these two only due to my MCAT scores-- Mac accepted low range and Queens doesn't specify their cut off). I just wanted some advice as to where to go from here as I don't have anyone else to ask to. I don't want to leave any stone unturned and need some advice as to what components I need to/should work on (I know for a fact MCAT is #1 priority!). In terms
  9. Hi! I had a quick question! In the Western Med acceptances forum, many have stated their GPA as wGPA. As far as I know, Western looks at two years individually, but have they changed it as of 2017, like weighted average?? Thank you
  10. is second year comparatively better than first year?I know its second year so upper years get harder, but just is it like haffie bio and zinke physics type stuff? anyone please...
  11. Hi, i am currently in first year Bsc program at uwo. I had planned to switch to med sci, and do honors spec thinking it would benefit me in terms of med schools. but apparently thats a wrong approach. Its all about what you like and if it can give you higher gpa. I was planning of doing a double major in psychology and physiology. I wanted to ask anyone who has done major in PSYCH from uwo as to how hard would this major be. i get that physiology is a med science program, but that is only module i like from there, so i can somewhat expect its course work and amount of work for good gpa.Howe
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