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  1. For those wondering, rejections are coming out as well. My friend just got his.
  2. When I emailed them, they said to go by the word limit and not the character limit. I dont think anyone can tell you whether you will get penalized or not though.
  3. UofT send out emails in the beginning of December informing us that they will start processing applications and may contact verifiers. There will also be an email informing you that they will use Turnitin on your essays and give you the option to opt out.
  4. This makes a lot of sense, however, they must realize that a lot of people depended on the weighting formula. Changing it up has drastically reduced the wGPAs of so many students. I mean there is probably no shortage of 4.0 students to take in, but if they'r trying to make the process less GPA heavy, it does not make sense to me to change the weighting formula in a way that will reduce wGPAs and then use the same cutoffs. That appears that they are just selecting even more for those with higher GPAs.
  5. just to clarify, was 3.82 your wGPA or cGPA? Because to my understanding, as long as one of those is competitive, you are good.
  6. Idk about this. As much as I am a pessimist and believe that I will be rejected, when I called I was told that interviews will continue to be sent out till early next week. I do agree that it is probably just a few seats left, but I do not think it is only reserved for cancellations. However, we will find out soon enough lol
  7. Ill probably call around 3. From the other invite thread it seems like emails go out as late as 2-3.
  8. So I just called and they said theyre not cancelling. Like others mentioned before, they said we are likely to hear back at the end of this week or early next week. I was also told that they are currently evaluating their options and are aware of what other schools are doing. They will update us by early next week.
  9. Ive applied 3 times already (4th time this year) and have been rejected during the large R wave. They've been sent out on March 13, 15, and 25, so we could be left hanging till even a few days before interviews. It sucks, but hang in there everyone!
  10. Honestly, looking at your stats, i would say that you are a really good applicant. I would consider redoing the MCAT if one of the sections is a bit on the low side. However, if I were you I would also consider a master's. A master's gives you enough info and training about research without being too involved like a PhD and for competitive residencies, research is a pretty big plus. And from what I have seen, a master's in medicine is a really big bonus for your career. A lot of the students in my master's program are residents and physicians (I am part of the undergrad minority), and they all
  11. Just got my rejection. Thank you everyone for making this process a bit more bearable and good luck!!!
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