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  1. A friend just got their UofT R as well. The final wave might be out.
  2. I wouldn't say lower on the ranking. Their file was likely reviewed later is all. But yes, they got that date only because someone turned it down. Otherwise they would've been selected for the next date. UofT won't compromise on the quality of interviewees because they're filling a vacancy haha
  3. Rejections are sent out along with interviews but people don't post about them much (understandable). Most people will get their rejection in the big final wave or soon after. I remember I got mine a day or two after the big wave one year.
  4. Im assuming each wave is meant to fill up the upcoming interview slot. However, if people have conflicts they could be moved to the next date, so there may be some interviews sent out with less than 2 weeks notice. To get a rough estimate just divide the interview spots by 3 to get the number of spots per date and you'll have an idea of how many interviews are sent out. At least that's what makes sense to me.
  5. Today will be a day full of email and premed101 refreshes and nervous poops. Good luck everyone!
  6. If there's one thing for sure, we WILL hear back within the next 4 days. The two- week mark is this Friday. Also, thankfully the last wave will be at most two weeks after this one because there isn't a whole month between the 2nd and 3rd interview dates. We're almost there guys!!
  7. Hi All, I am a long-time participant on this forum and was hoping someone could help me out. I am a graduate applicant (MSc. done in 2020) with OMSAS GPA 3.74, ~3.77 wGPA, 512 MCAT (125 CARS). My ECs are very diverse. I am heavily involved with my community, I do a lot of STEM teaching, translation work and have ~7 pubs with 3 more on the way. I only applied to UofT this year to not regret not applying even though money is tight (I have yet to hear back, although I am not optimistic). At this point, I have acknowledged that I need to pursue a plan B and I have secured an entry level
  8. Plenty of people interview with sub 3.9s, so yes there is a point! Also, seeing that many of those rejected yesterday were 3.98-4.0 applicants, clearly references and essays mean a lot. Also, not many are mentioning this, but I really do think that UofT will reduce the emphasis of GPA this cycle. By changing the wGPA policy to only dropping 2 FCEs instead of 3 or 4 depending on years of study completed, wGPAs will definitely fall. They know this and will take it into account. So in short, there is always hope. Just put as much effort into your essays and securing good references as you do
  9. Posts on other interview/regrets pages: Pages 1-3: When will they come out. Pages4+: THEY'RE OUT. Silence till next year. UofT interview/regrets page: Pages 1-8: When are they coming out, have rejections been sent out, what is the purpose of life?
  10. The interview dates are Feb 6, March 7, March 21. I'm assuming there'll be a wave for each.
  11. Friday will be the 3 week-ish mark for the March 7 interview date. They sent out the Feb. 6 emails at the 3 week mark as well. Otherwise, the next Friday will be the 2 week mark, and they say that they will give interviewees minimum 2 week notice. So the safe answer is we will hear something in the next 2 weeks lol
  12. IDK for undergraduate applicants, but 3.7 is considered competitive for graduate applicants. I was on the fence about applying this cycle because of finances and my wGPA is ~3.77. I emailed admissions about doing a second undergrad or taking extra courses to boost my GPA. I was told that 3.7 is considered competitive and I've seen it on the website as well. I don't think they have a reason to lie about that. Now higher is definitely better, but as we've seen, a 4.0 is not a guaranteed in. UofT is pretty holistic and takes everything into consideration Find out on the next episod
  13. Doesn't seem like it... I've been rejected mid-march for 4 cycles. I hate being strung along like this, especially because I only applied to UofT this year (money and MCAT reasons).
  14. I may be mistaken, but I remember someone saying that in their latest video UofT said that a rejection wave would come out by the end of January. I don't think one has come out yet, so perhaps today is the day?
  15. Today is the two-ish week mark for the Feb. 6 interviews. Do we think there will be a wave today?
  16. For those wondering, rejections are coming out as well. My friend just got his.
  17. When I emailed them, they said to go by the word limit and not the character limit. I dont think anyone can tell you whether you will get penalized or not though.
  18. UofT send out emails in the beginning of December informing us that they will start processing applications and may contact verifiers. There will also be an email informing you that they will use Turnitin on your essays and give you the option to opt out.
  19. This makes a lot of sense, however, they must realize that a lot of people depended on the weighting formula. Changing it up has drastically reduced the wGPAs of so many students. I mean there is probably no shortage of 4.0 students to take in, but if they'r trying to make the process less GPA heavy, it does not make sense to me to change the weighting formula in a way that will reduce wGPAs and then use the same cutoffs. That appears that they are just selecting even more for those with higher GPAs.
  20. just to clarify, was 3.82 your wGPA or cGPA? Because to my understanding, as long as one of those is competitive, you are good.
  21. Idk about this. As much as I am a pessimist and believe that I will be rejected, when I called I was told that interviews will continue to be sent out till early next week. I do agree that it is probably just a few seats left, but I do not think it is only reserved for cancellations. However, we will find out soon enough lol
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