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  1. Sorry I'm still paranoid. The school's personal website (e.g. UofT) says that they must recieve the transcript by the strict deadline of Oct 1. I heard that TRFs are processed immediately and that's why TRFs recieved Oct 1 are fine for the schools. Or, does it imply that schools are okay with TRF by Oct 1 as well? I'll call the schools on Tue just in case
  2. I'm from an Ontario university and submitted my TRF on October 1, along with my application. I was just notified today (letter issued Oct 6, recieved Oct 9) that OUAC had a problem requesting the transcript (identity issue) and is now asking me to resolve this issue. However, the OUAC website and all the med school websites states that the Oct 1 deadline for recieving transcript is a strict deadline. Am I automatically disqualified? I will call both the school and OUAC but seeing as its a long holiday I would really like some help asap.
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