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  1. Please wait. The official groups are tightly monitored and require your McGill email. There many Sub groups made for your academics as well.
  2. Good luck :) - Facebook page will be made in a later date. The faculty usually has a few rules we need to follow when its made. Looks like their is no pattern in their work. They are simply going down their sheet and updating each candidate manually.
  3. Living is about 12k (Avg of 1k/month per rent) Text books and equipment and app/programs, white coat ~ $500 (The only mandatory things were Stethoscope, White Coat and an ultrasound book - but there is a pdf) Tuition $4000-$14000 (depending on your status)
  4. In the past few years between 9 and 11
  5. In my view, I think you are still definitely fine for a Canadian school, especially since you are considering taking a 5th year. If you manage to do well during the next two to three years and getting a 3.7+ cGPA, you will have a good shot at (but not limited to) Queens, McMaster and Western (assuming good MCAT). Also don't forget that many schools drop grades or only look at recent years - another reason why I think you are definitely still in good standing for a Canadian University. The best advice anyone can give you, like you said yourself, focus these upcoming academic years and kill the
  6. This course is very easy to manage and you do not need an exemption from it all. You will be put in a group based on your interests regarding a research topic. You and your group will do small research assignments (like once every two months) and meet with your supervisor to discuss the assignments. There were a total of only 4 meetings in Med 1 and 2 meetings in Med 2.
  7. My sibling is the same predicament and she is going to choose Queens Health Sci. The $ helps and the program on paper seems very similar to Health Sci. Also Queens took 100 vs Mac (220 now) so becoming close with professors seems also easier as well. And honestly at the end of the day, if you were hardworking in HS, this will most likely translate into university and you will be fine either way.
  8. I believe you are not allowed to re-apply for Med-P once you have applied once and you started an undergrad degree. Best thing is to email the faculty.
  9. Last year it took 1 week for me but my address was in QC
  10. Two years ago half the waitlist closed within the two weeks. I would not expect much movement (5-10 spots?) since they over accept. However, they do not waitlist a lot of people, so you still have a super good chance!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/365949260691103/ 2023 FB group
  12. Hey man! Congrats on your acceptance! Typical week day looks like: 830-11:30: 3 lecture classes in a hall. These are usually all recorded, so you can watch the previous days at home 12:30-2:30/3:30: Small group (mandatory) or Histolabs or Anatomy labs (where attendance in both is not taken but highly encouraged to go if you want to pass your exams) This is pretty much how every week will look like, besides the odd days you do not have anything in the afternoon and that is quite random. You and 3 other students get a cadaver for the entire year to dissect every anatomy lab
  13. There are two types of pairing: 1) LFME - that is based on your location preference/ability to speak French. 2) Your Osler fellow is a specialist in any domain. This one is done completely randomly and you get to me them during your welcome week and have lunch with them. In your Osler group you will also have third year students who will help guide the meetings. Usually you meet your Osler fellow once a month and he/she helps organize your 4 mandatory patient encounters that you need write reports on.
  14. Looks like the OP is actually moving quite fast. Usually 6-7th are contacted around June and early July. Expect more OOP movement in May once all Med results are out. Looks like the list will be in the double digits for sure, perhaps even reach 15th or higher. IP movement will happen starting May for sure. You have all other other schools to release both their med and dent results. However, I do see that there is not much overlap between med and dent this year. I think the biggest thing to start is def your immunization if you are between 1-20 on both waitlist. That July 31st deadline is
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