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  1. I'm going to be so anxious in March waiting to hear back. I know that there are 9 spots for OOP applicants but I was wondering if anyone knows how many wait-list spots there are for OOP. Thanks!
  2. Yeah I think I won't rewrite this year. I can see what happens why I apply and if I don't get in anywhere then I can retake it and hopefully bump up CARS. Thanks!
  3. So I recently got my MCAT 2015 scores back and I'm having a hard time determining if they are good enough to get in to medical schools. Overall I think they look pretty good my score was 514 (91st percentile) with my individual scores being 128, 126, 129, and 131. I'm most worried about my CARS score that is 126 which puts me in the 70th percentile. I am hoping to apply to Canadian medical schools next year and I was wondering if you think these scores would be good enough. I am Canadian and currently going to McMaster University. Will medical schools turn down an overall good application beca
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