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  1. Received my ranking this morning and filled out the ranking form sometime in the fall! Was hoping to receive a ranking for casper but oh well I'm pretty sure I didn't do too hot... OOP for McGill seems really tough, was screened out in the pre-screen section and ranked 103 out of 228 apps GPA: 3.98
  2. Just received the offer a few hours ago, will be declining! Good luck guys
  3. haven't received an offer yet and I'm not thinking too deeply into it...I confirmed my timestamp and gpa!
  4. Result: Accepted VFMP (waitlist) Geography: OOP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 7:58am (BC time) AGPA: ~91% ECs: see previous posts. MCAT: 516 Interview: felt like I really fumbled through a couple of stations and got cut off at a few before I had a chance to say what I wanted to say. The rest may have been average. Year: Masters
  5. Result: Accepted (Good waitlist at 7:37 AM) Stream: English wGPA: 3.97 CASPer: not good enough for Mac, good enough for UofA (thought I did ok). Didn't do as much prep as I would have liked, but did reflect a lot over my personal experiences and naturally have a fast typing speed. ECs: extensive, diverse, and long-term. Interview: honestly I thought that I had blown my chance with uOttawa given that I was very anxious and scattered throughout my interview and it really showed in my responses. I felt like I wasn't able to show them my best self. My interviewers
  6. Stream: EN Time You Received E-mail: 7:38 AM "Created" Time: 7:37:35 AM GPA: 3.97 Good waitlist
  7. Also good waitlist for the English stream, emailed created at 7:37AM
  8. Result: Accepted!! Geography: IP GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 516 (wrote 3 times because my cars score was 124 the first two times) Degree: MSc EC: Interesting and long-term. Many of my volunteering and extracurricular activities had hundreds of hours because I had started them at the start of my undergraduate degree 4-6 years ago. I really focused on including activities that meant a lot to me personally even if the roles didn't sound impressive, also sprinkled in my interests and hobbies. Interview: I felt like I rambled incoherently for 30 minutes... Nevertheless I tried
  9. Status: Rejection Time Stamp: 7:29 pm, March 18 Stream: English cGPA/wGPA: 3.94/3.97 MCAT: above cutoffs Current year: Masters ECs: Extensive research experience, long term volunteering with diverse vulnerable populations, mental health advocacy, and leadership roles as a club exec. Many academic, research and volunteer awards. Also included some activities that I enjoy like running and yoga. I spent a lot of time thinking about my essays and not enough time writing. Overall I'm proud of the essays that I submitted. Just had one friend look them over. It's my
  10. Nice knowing ya UofT, just got my R! It was nice stressing out together may we meet again on the other side.
  11. Still waiting for my R...lol To everyone that received rejections today I'm sorry this isn't the result that you were hoping for, I know you'll all make amazing doctors!
  12. I'm absolutely positive that they've already finalized invites and rejections, not even sure why they feel the need to prolong the process any further...
  13. After you've accepted the calendar invite using your UofA email there should be a link to Zoom (located in the Google cal invite). When your online interview time is about to start click on the link and it should take you to the Zoom platform where you'll be able to start your interview.
  14. I don't think they send out any post-interview verification communication unless you forgot to submit something. It's a waiting game from here until May!
  15. First off you should be really proud of yourself for seeking help for your mental health and improving your GPA that's no easy feat! I think almost every school is fairly forgiving in some sense: UofT lets you remove 6 of your lowest half credit courses if you apply after your 3rd year of undergrad, drop 8 half credits if you apply after your 4th year, or drop 10 of your lowest half credit course grades if you complete a 5th year and apply after your 5th year UBC and UofA remove your lowest year, UBC removes your worst year if you apply after 4th year and UofA if you apply aft
  16. Result: Invite! GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 516 (129/128/129/130) Current Degree: Masters Geography: IP Extra-curricular: See previous posts. Extensive, diverse, and long-term. Got interviews at EC intensive schools. CASPer: No invite to Mac. I thought it went ok, but who knows. Did some basic prep like reading the first couple chapters from Doing Right. Super excited to be interviewing here! Excited to meet everyone :)
  17. Time Stamp: 8:55 am (MT) Invite/reject: Rejection IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): No 2YGPA: 3.98 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 129/128/129/130 Essays (X/8): I wrote my 8 essays last minute and didn't write an additional essay for the "about you" section. I felt like my 8 essays were heartfelt and I wrote about ECs that meant a lot to me, but they definitely needed some extra polishing. I was kind of expecting the R, it's a shame since UWO seems like a wonderful school. Best of luck to those that are interviewing this year!
  18. TIME STAMP: 2:56pm Interview Date: TBDResult: Invite!wGPA: 3.97MCAT: 128 CARS; 516ECs: Multiple jobs in research, teaching and advocacy (all short term), long-term volunteering/ ECs working closely with diverse vulnerable populations, some typical activities like being an exec in multiple clubs/ committees.Year: MastersGeography : IP
  19. TIME STAMP: Dec 12 Interview Invite or Regrets: InviteEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularGPA or AGPA (if applicable): ~91MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 516 (129/128/129/130)Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): MastersGeography (IP/OOP): OOPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Multiple jobs in research and advocacy, long-term volunteering/ ECs working closely with diverse vulnerable populations, volunteering with my school newspaper, some typical activities like being an exec in multiple clubs/ committees,
  20. I can't stop nervous sweating....I feel bad for my coworkers lol
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