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  1. TIME STAMP: Result: 09:40 Pre-req GPA: 4.0 MCAT: --- Feeling About MMI: These MMIs gave me a sinking feeling despite having done many before. At the writing station, I only got a few lines typed out... Year: Two years post-MSc with a career IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: I have been waiting many many years for this exciting news!!!
  2. I like your style kirraea, an optimist! I'll hope for good news tomorrow.
  3. I'm also waiting to hear from the MD/PhD program. For the moment, I'm hoping that no news is good news!
  4. Je me trouve moi aussi sur la liste d'attante dans la catégorie des universitaires! Il ne semble pas d'avoir beaucoup de mouvement dans la catégorie. J'ai trouvé cette page sur le site de l'Université (https://www.usherbrooke.ca/doctorat-medecine/admission/questions-en-rafale/donnees-saillantes/) indiquant que la dernière personne acceptée l'an passé dans la catégorie universitaire était 6e dans la liste d'excellence. Cette année on est déjà rendu au 7e. Essayons de ne pas perdre le courage!
  5. Les convocations à l'entrevu sont en train de sortir à Montréal. Je viens d'en recevoir un il ya 10 minutes avec in bac connexe!
  6. Bonjour! En regardant au forum, j'ai eu l'impression qu'il n'y pas d'autres gens ici qui appliquent dans la cohorte du Nouveau-Brunswick au campus de Moncton. Je le trouve dommage donc je pars un fil pour faciliter des discussions à cet effet. Alors, pour commencer, je suis résident du N-B et je me figure dans la catégorie universitaire. Malheureusement (ou pas), je n'ai toujours pas eu de nouvelles. J'aimerais savoir s'il y quelqu'un dans la même cohorte qui a déjà eu de nouvelles! Existe-t-il d'autres comme moi dans sur premed101? Merci
  7. NB applicant placed on the reserve list GPA 4.0 MCAT 29 BSc with Honours in Biology I thought that my interview and extracurriculars were quite strong, but I was also rejected from Dalhousie. I guess I might have to try again next year! Does anyone know how much the reserved list moves at MUN for NB applicants?
  8. I am still waiting too, but I am only in my 4th year of undergrad. I think it might only be a coincidence.
  9. Ultimately, I think that's why the memory feature has been added to most web browsers. That way you don't have to remember anything like that!
  10. Time stamp: 12:41 EST 26/10/15 Result: Invite wGPA: 4.0 (according to the application) MCAT: 29 (10/10/9) ECs: I hope that they are pretty well rounded. I was the president a club at my university, spent many hours as a hospital volunteers, and had medically related research experience, to name a few. Essay: I feel like I worked pretty hard on this essay. I also had it reviewed by several family members and the Writing Centre at my university. Year: BSc 4th IP/OOP: IP (NB)
  11. I believe that Interview Invitations have just gone out, as I received one early this afternoon
  12. I am completing my Academic Workbook for the McGill MD application, but I am not sure that I completely understand how to convert my local GPA to a McGill GPA. I have read through the information regarding the Workbook in the accompanying PDF file, and I have also called and emailed admissions at McGill to no avail. For example, my undergraduate institution is in column 3 (marks awarded as percentages), and McGill's is in column 8. If I received a mark of 89% at my undergraduate institution, how does this convert to a McGill letter grade as there is no equivalent in the McGill column?
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