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  1. That's great, thanks for linking that. Competitiveness of medical school admissions in Canada is so frequently exaggerated, on this forum and elsewhere. I guess we can just use ~20% acceptance rate for the country from now on, with a higher rate for specific provinces.
  2. Is 15% a national figure? I recall Ontario being around that, but outside Ontario I thought the percentages are somewhat more favourable.
  3. Please name and shame the medical school that did this. This is important information for medical school applicants selecting an institution for medical training.
  4. 3rd (easiest) > 4th > 2nd > 1st (hardest) 1st year I came in with no science background at all other than self-studying for the MCAT. So first year was a brutal catch-up period, in a class where nearly everyone had bio/chem/pharm/nursing/neuroscience degrees +/- masters and PhDs. Pretty much non-stop studying. 2nd year was more of the same. I had gotten marginally better at studying some subjects, but there was also more volume so almost as hard as first year. Very close to non-stop studying. 3rd year was the easiest in terms of medical content, since it was m
  5. For example, if a patient presents to the ED in a rural location with ruptured AAA, and this center has no vascular surgeon, would they wait for transport and hope the patient survives, or would a general surgeon do the emergent AAA repair?
  6. How did this turn out? What was the decision?
  7. I don't really understand why people do this, unless they are extremely restricted geographically and figure they can live with whatever type of work as long as they are in one particular desired place. For those who are open to major centers in the US as well as Canada, and have a network in both countries, does that change the calculus at all?
  8. May I suggest first adjusting your approach? Your thread title assumes the patient doesn't like you, but have you considered that the situation may have absolutely nothing to do with you? What you are describing sounds like the patient is unhappy with the situation they are faced with, their condition, and the system which hasn't worked well for them to this point. It's not personal. None of those things has to do with you. Personally, I find it effective to speak to these patients in a candid, no bullsh!t way. Skip the platitudes and validating statements that they've heard so many ti
  9. Submit the paper to a peer reviewed journal and then put it on your app?
  10. Please state the number of people who will be considered for the $100, so that the odds of winning are known. Without that, the expected value of the compensation could be a penny for all we know. I generally don't participate in surveys without this information clearly provided in advance.
  11. https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/OnlineServices-ServicesEnLigne/instructions/202/USRA-BRPC_eng.asp To answer your first question, the instructions do not explicitly say that it's required to list abandoned degree programs from the past. It only says to include current and past stuff in the context of explaining that they don't want to hear about degrees you have not even started working torward. [quote] Academic background Include only current and past postsecondary programs. Do not include programs that you have not yet started. Provide the completion date for the prop
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