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  1. What was the OP's decision from this discussion? Pretty surprising OP didn't get into US schools, unless they didn't apply broadly or were unrealistic in their application strategy.
  2. Where are you resident? Have you talked to your references or considered switching to different references? Anything weird about your transcript (academic dishonesty, repeated years, etc)?
  3. Honestly had not considered the possibility that an internal medicine program would judge applicants on which internal medicine electives they did and whether they are "slower paced"...
  4. Out of curiosity, why did you expect a more diverse group of people? The original post says "interviews will be given only to top candidates, based on academic merit, research, and overall experience." Presumably people who didn't think they could compete in that kind of a pool, thought it would not be a good use of time to put together the transcripts, cover letter and CV required for the application, given the implied preference for high grades, competitive research background, and impressive CV. In essence, the original post reads as "people who aren't strong in these areas are unlikely
  5. OP: Medical school in Canada selects for people who take comfort in safe, well trodden educational and career paths, with clear rules to follow and as little risk as possible. It selects for these people at the medical student, faculty, and dean levels. Innovation and entrepreneurship require willingness to do things that have never been done, try things that have never been tried, with no clear path to success, and very high risk of failure. So in general I'd say there is a bit of a cultural barrier at Canadian medical schools. PM me if you like.
  6. Are they allowed to do all those electives in IM? Is the cap not being enforced?
  7. It's mainly the non-primary care specialties that have the least diversity, for the most part.
  8. If she is in charge of the project then it's kind of her decision. That other person may have contributed more than you are aware. That said, medicine has tons of people on tons of papers who contributed little if anything, for political reasons. It's not the way science is supposed to work, but that's the system in medicine right now. How she reacts to your question will depend partly on how you worded it, and partly on whether she chooses to interpret your question as a challenge to her authority/judgement, which itself is probably dependent on how insecure she is. If you want to hav
  9. If it's too loud to study I would think the noise level also precludes sleep during the day... ?
  10. Sounds like a pretty biased R score Formula if OT PT biomed etc give better scores than engineering and many other subjects. At my English school, kinesiology is a well known easier route to medicine because of the grading.
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