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  1. Being from New Brunswick is a huge help. As long as you meet the cutoffs (GPA, MCAT, CASPER), then you are invited for an interview basically. Then it depends on the interview by and large.
  2. I will begin this I guess. Time stamp: Friday, March 16, 12:45 PM Result: Rejected GPA: 3.95 MCAT: met cutoffs
  3. I suspect that if this rumor about the Saint John campus spots is true, there would likely not be a specific bias of one group over another but simply picking those students with the highest scores. It is my understanding that the OOP wait list typically has higher scores than the IP or NB wait list. If this assumption is also true, then it stands to reason that more people would get offers in NB from the OOP wait list than from other wait lists. This all assumes Dal will not give preference to IP students. To respond to your last point, if they wanted to, they could simply expand the IP
  4. medhopeful55, from what I understand, it's not as easy as simply going down the list of scores. In addition to having certain cutoffs for the MMI, z-scores for each of categories are calculated from the scores given to us and these scores are them summed to give the overall ranking (this is gathered from previous threads). In most cases, this likely doesn't mean much and will not change anything but there could be a resulting disparity between our "scores" and our actual place on the waitlist.
  5. Wow. 62-78 all on the waitlist. I have never seen such variation in the non-maritime wait list. Mine was 72.5. I said this in the other thread and it may have been addressed but something is up this year.
  6. I mean the nine (at least) who received initial acceptances. I assume they have scores that rival those in the high 70s.
  7. There is something seems very odd about the distribution of the scores in the poll. The letter says that the "average" of all those either wait listed or accepted is 72.5. There is ambiguity about whether they are referring to the mean or median but in either case you can tell that something is strange. Assuming that there are at least nine more candidates with fairly high scores (possibly more), there would have to be more than 19 people on the wait list who scored below a 72.5 (since there are 10 wait list scores substantially above that mark). That does seem like a fairly large wait list gi
  8. I think you are right with that number. It's about what I have heard. Do you know how many people actually get off the OOP wait list in a given year?
  9. This poll is for OOP applicants who were put on the wait list. Good luck everyone!
  10. As "average," do you mean that the stats are good enough to receive an interview but average among those who do for OOP?
  11. I am an oop resident who is considering applying to MUN but I have to first decide whether I have the score to do so considering MUN's $200+ fees. I talked with the admissions office today and was told that last year there was a cutoff of 126 for each section of the MCAT for oop applicants (not NL or other applicants) and that only MCAT and GPA matter for oop residents for an interview invite. I am finished by undergrad and have a GPA of 3.887 (88% average) according to MUN's scale along with an MCAT of 129/130/127/129. I hit the cutoffs that the admissions office gave me but am trying to dete
  12. I have a genuine question about the role of subjectivity in the supplemental section of Dalhousie's process. Between last year and this year the score I received from Dalhousie dropped from 22.81/35 to 16.81/35 while the average scores from out of province residents remained relatively constant. Is such a drop in the supplemental normal or to be expected given that my essay was virtually identical, I only added to the hours and activities I included in my application, and my descriptions of the activities only improved (or remained the same)? I am truly at a loss to understand this significant
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