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  1. How do we go about applying for an exemption? It isn't exactly clear from what was posted.
  2. Does anyone know how long MCCQE Part I's score is valid for after date of examination, or is there no expiration date just like Part II?
  3. When they tell you you may leave, they mean you may leave. You really aren't going to get a better evaluation if you stick around for 5 more hours.
  4. In the US, exceptions are made if your home institution doesn't offer certain specialties. I would imagine whatever decisions they come to in the end, NOSM students will be well taken care of.
  5. Multiple specialties (e.g. medicine, EM) in the US are outright discouraging or not allowing away electives this year in accordance with public health guidance. I think it's likely that institutions in Canada will follow suit.
  6. USMLE Suspending Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination May 26th, 2020 Over the course of the last three months, the USMLE program has considered several options for resuming Step 2 CS testing. This exploration was informed by years of ongoing work charting the future of clinical skills assessment for licensure, including considerations of telehealth (as announced May 8th). Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic we have accelerated these efforts. Due to the complexity of technical and psychometric work required, we have determined we will not be able to meet timelines for t
  7. Sounds like CaRMS will be open for programs to review at the end of January then?
  8. Visiting Electives suspended until September 26, 2020 Visiting electives are suspended until September 26, 2020. Currently, students are unable to submit applications on the AFMC Student Portal. No decision has been made on when the portal will re-open. It will reopen 16 weeks before visiting electives are offered by the faculties. We understand the concern these disruptions may cause, and we ask that students regularly check the AFMC Student Portal for updates as they become available.
  9. Keep in mind though that we need to make up for lost core time through July, August, and September, leaving only October and part of November for away rotations. Some institutions will likely reserve spots for their own students (I know my school is doing this). It's possible that quite a few medical students won't have any away rotations at all.
  10. In addition to Toronto, UBC has cancelled all electives until September 27th and Western until August 23rd. Looks like fall electives are effectively cancelled.
  11. U of T has cancelled all visiting electives up to September 25th. Looks like they don't anticipate this being over for a long time. I honestly think away electives will play less of a role in this upcoming cycle. They can't penalize students for not having as many (or any) away electives or else they're not going to have many students to choose from. Everyone's in the same boat here.
  12. Isn't Albert Einstein also out? I mean they are at the heart of it right?
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