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  1. I've heard there are awards/bursaries awarded during the White Coat Ceremony... could anyone chime in and tell us if this is true, and whether we are notified of this ahead of time? Thanks!
  2. I intend to get the burgundy !! A pop of color is fun I find
  3. Hey everyone, just reviving this thread haha. Does anyone know if we will be able to order with engraving, if we wait till the stethoscope ordering day? Also, the cardiology III/IV meet the pediatric requirement right? So we wouldn't have to purchase anything separately for that purpose? Thanks!
  4. LOL omg thank you that made my day xD and I'll be sure to check those out thank you!!
  5. Hi, Could someone tell me if wearing your own scrub tops at hospitals (for OR Observership in first year or clerkship in later years) is frowned upon or even forbidden? I only ask because I tend to get sweaty in the under arms and knowing that the light blue hospital scrubs will give me away in the blink of an eye will only make my problem worse If allowed, I'd much rather get myself some black or dark blue tops that I'd be more comfortable with and wouldn't sweat so much in. If anyone could let me know the norms regarding this please let me know! Thanks in advance
  6. rmorelan, I realize this thread is old but I wanted to ask about the work you did in a research lab since year 1 - was this volunteer work, or part of the SROP program? As well, when and how did you find your PI (was a list made available, or did you seek out your own contact?). And finally, how did you end up being involved in a drug trial? Thank you so much!
  7. Hey guys, so I'm looking at the Awards Search, and I see that there are so many (like 14 pages worth) of awards/bursaries for Schulich. I know that not all of these are for entering students, but for the ones that are for first years, it appears to me as though nearly all of these don't require any action on our part - they just require us to have filled out the bursary application form in April. So does this mean that we don't really have to do much, it's just waiting until September to see which awards we receive? Or do you guys know of any that actually require an application on
  8. Hi there, I have a quick question: is it possible to set up a LOC without a student number yet??
  9. Hey, were you able to get an LOC without receiving a student number yet? Thanks in advance!
  10. So does this mean that academically, everyone who passes is on the same footing for CARMS? What do they use to distinguish between candidates then, because I've seen several posts where people say CARMS doesn't really care for the extracurriculars as much as it does academics and research ..(unless I'm completely mistaken)
  11. Quick question - does anyone know if Beaver/Ausable on-campus apartments come with parking and internet? Thanks!!
  12. I'm just curious to see if I'd make it off the waitlist for Mac! But I think my heart's set on Western regardless
  13. I actually called them a few days before, they said we have until 11:59 pm on May 23rd Of course don't push it to the very last minute but yeah I'm also gonna wait till like midday tomorrow before accepting.
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