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  1. Got the email notification shortly after 2pm (Eastern time)
  2. I got off the waitlist today! A lot of relief but I hope the best for everyone else still on it, it's a tough place to be.
  3. Does that mean most of the waitlist notifications were already sent out?
  4. Waitlisted at U of T, also the only school I interviewed at. Not sure how to feel about it, at least there's still hope but everything is riding on this. Since we don't get any information on waitlist position does anyone know waitlist acceptance statistics? How long we may have to wait? How likely or risky it is to rely on waitlist movement? Anything would be helpful, thanks.
  5. As a Canadian student who has spent all of their time, research and effort applying to medical schools within Canada, I would like to know if anyone here could inform me if it is simply too late to apply within the American system? From what I understand, their system admission has a rolling admissions process beginning during the summer and going until late fall, and that I would be at a significant disadvantage now applying late as an international. Regardless, is it too late to apply within AMCAS now at this point? If anyone has some insight into this system or an answer I would greatly
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