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  1. Hey everyone! I'm asking for a friend who's in health sciences in cegep: If she decides to do her program in 3 years instead of 2 years, does that exclude her from applying to pharmacy at the Quebec schools? I know UdeM Med refuses any applicant that hasn't done their program within 2 years (or 3 for the double DEC?). Any input greatly appreciated!
  2. With more and more schools offering ergonomics classes and evaluating your clinical work with respect to your ergonomy, as well as the use of better tools (dental loupes especially which "force" you to keep a good posture), you shouldn't worry as much. Like what was said, any repetitive task will lead to some strain, and ergonomics help with reducing that strain.
  3. Call came in, I got approved and was even given a higher limit than I asked for (225k). Really satisfied with RBC. Thanks for your suggestions on working with them, my fault for dealing with TD in the first place ha!
  4. So far waiting for an answer from my RBC med-dent rep. Meeting a week ago went pretty well and he seemed fairly confident I would get the LoC without co-sign. Even said that in his 7 years of dealing with med-dent students only 2 got refused, who then needed a co-sign to ultimately get it. I opted for 150k simply because I was getting skeptical that it won't change much to aim for 200k+. I'm just worried my first application might affect my credit given that it was a hard credit check.
  5. Yep! I scheduled an appointment with a specialist that works mostly with university of montreal students in professional programs. Hopefully it should go well
  6. I am a Quebec resident. The rep "tried her best" and after contacting 3 diff't TD reps all gave the same reason. I think because I came right out of CEGEP my credit is still obviously low. I am currently looking around for RBC and hopefully I won't need a 3rd application. I'll let you know about what I get. I did visit a Desjardins and they supposedly don't need cosigners but the rep gave me the impression that it's definitely possible. edit: Also apparently the undersigner for the 30k app. claims that it "makes no sense" to reapply later for a higher amount even though I proposed that
  7. I'm freaking out ever since I found out my line of credit application was refused. I don't work and haven't gotten a single credit card until around 2 months ago. TD asked for a cosigner but even then his "income wasn't high enough" for the 200k "limit" (even though I'm pretty sure the actual max is 275k, correct me if I'm wrong). So I tried again but for a much lower 30k and even then it was refused with cosigner (who has a good credit history). I'm really stressed out about this, I know that doing these things leaves a dent on your credit history but what is the wisest thing to do at the mom
  8. Felicitations! Enfin apres the siecles d'impatience
  9. The same reason why they force u to pay avant le 1er mai for other programs, 15th may avant la reponse med, etc etc. C'est un systeme qui vise a maximiser les profits which is no big surprise...
  10. Keep strong remember y ont dit que sa part jusqu'au 15 mai, theres still 12 whole days so dont give up yet
  11. If anything, my depot was sent around 23, just know that its supposed to be 23 but i got the official letter at 23:40 if that change anything
  12. Jusqu'a present 6 de mes amis collegiens n'ont tjr rien eu ni de refus ni d'offre. J'ai recu le depot avant hier vers 23h puis la lettre officielle hier soir a la meme heure. En ce qui concerne CRC, la plupart d'entre eux ont des cotes d'au moins 35.X allant jusqu'au mid-37. J'imagine comment tannant c'est d'attendre mais c'est le final push. Une semaine d'attente supplementaire comparée aux années d'études qu'on a vecu, c'est rien du tout, malgré l'anxieté que ca cree...
  13. Bizarre pourtant je viens d'appeler le registraire puis tt ce qu'ils m'ont dit c'est "qu'il ne faudrait pas encore payer vu que votre dossier est tjr à l'étude" (??). Peut etre juste pour faire attendre les gense cependant elle m'a dit que ca prendra jusque 3 jours afin de recevoir la reponse officielle
  14. En gros, si je comprend bien un dépôt ça ce traduit en admission correct??
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