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  1. You need one semester of English composition-type course (basic writing styles- essay/research paper etc etc) and one semester of English literature-type course. I suggest checking with UBC because they’re pretty specific with what they approve/don’t approve.
  2. I would recommend finding ECs that you are passionate about and/or continuing activities from high school that you enjoy (Sports/music/ volunteer/teaching.. ). Your application will be much stronger with ECs that are uniquely you and that you have committed to for many years.
  3. “Passport style” - I think a headshot you took yourself is fine!
  4. I think if you Rewrite and get a lower score, They Will still accept And use your highest score (509). If you have the time, money and energy to rewrite, improving your score even a tiny bit may be very beneficial. My point is that, rewriting will not hurt you and could end up benefiting you!
  5. Also UBC housing Facebook group might be useful for you.
  6. You can find it on the orientation website. I’ve been using padmapper, and also walking around looking at buildings with rental signs out front is useful!
  7. I did not get a confirmation email. It took 4/5 days to change to “accepted” on the account. I submitted a few weeks ago. Hope that helps!
  8. Well, we’ll all be staying home this year regardless!
  9. My student number is 8 digits, and was confirmed by ubc med Oas portal.
  10. You just need the one eligible score. If you do worse this time, they’ll still use your old score.
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