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  1. Who knows really. It sounds like a cop out of an answer when people ask why I scored so low, but that's basically how I feel. On the CARS question packs I believe I scored 78% on the CARS Volume 1 as I was getting used to AAMC's questions over the wording of EK. Then on the CARS Volume 2 I scored 83%, while on the official guide I had also scored 83%. Following the question packs, I took the AAMC FL test a week out from my exam and scored 85% on that CARS section. EDIT: The only other alternative plausible explanation is that everyone has gotten quite competent with the new CARS or that m
  2. I feel like I understand what you mean about creating a headspace for passages. It feels like after reading the passage you have to bring together arguments to come up with an idea, even if the ideas appear unrelated. They usually try to connect two/ three (seemingly) dissimilar ideas to make a compelling argument for what the passage is really based on. E.g. funding for research in the arts being analogous to funding fundamental scientific research over medical research or identification of feminism within the novels like Frankenstein. I also feel like after completing a number of practis
  3. I'm not sure if I could entirely blame it due to an off-day but based on how I had done on practise tests, I feel like I should have scored higher. For the (5) practise tests I wrote, I wrote them all under time conditions but did not write them at 8 am, usually around 9 - 10 am on a computer. Definitely felt the dryness of my eyes consistently about 4 hours into each test though. Haha yes I do when I finished the test I thought that my CARS section went well and during I kept telling myself "this is going well, I'm killing this test...!" I knew it would bite me in the ass . Also, do
  4. I recently wrote the 2015 MCAT and unfortunately scored an unbalanced score with my lowest section being the CARS section: C/P: 128 CARS: 125 B/B: 129 P/S: 126 Total: 508 I know the UofC basically looks exclusively at the CARS section (with exception to academic merit); thus, I'm planning on retaking the test in April. I'm not to worried about the other sections because I feel like I won't forget much between now and then if I do some light review, but I'm looking for someone to help tutor me on CARS or suggesting a proper way (or a book?) to studying CARS so that I can be ready for
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