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  1. Hey everyone, can anyone please share their any information about the global health undergrad program at York U ? My aim is to get into medical school and the courses seem really interesting in this program but I feel that it will have a lot of essays and I dont think I can get a 3.6+ gpa in that program. Will a biology program be a better choice ? Thank you in advance for your time and guidance in this matter Cheers !
  2. Apologies for not clearly specifying but its not consistently Cs. For example, in my previous winter semester, I had 1 C, 4 Bs and 1 A+. Its just that in the beginning (1st and 2nd year) some courses I did not do well in and that kept my GPA low and its been hard to bring it up since. But, I am doing well in certain courses and they are engineering courses. I am taking two biochemistry courses next semester (part of my program) and I am hoping to do well in those to show signs of improvement . I know I need to figure out what I was doing wrong or what was preventing me from doing my best.
  3. love as in its not my first love. Dream and first love is to go to medical school but engineering is a great profession too. I am in my final year and working in the real world is nothing compared to what you learn in school. Once I graduate, I am hoping to like what I will be doing and from there I am going to see if I can take some science courses as a part time student while working. I havent spoken to a counselor about this because its not something i need help or need to talk to anyone about.
  4. I dont want to pursue my second degree right away because I need to pay my OSAP loans for my undergrad eng degree. In addition to that, getting some experience and then trying will help me find a job later in case it doesnt work out.
  5. Hey guys, I am in my final year of engineering. I originally had planned to go to medical school after finishing my degree but I couldnt keep my marks up. I found some of the courses quite difficult and also some personal trouble that I feel has affected me. Now , I cant even think of applying for medical school as my average is quite low (60s). Its not consistently 60s. My average in the beginning (1st and 2nd year) was low and hence bringing it up since then has been difficult. But, I have been doing good lately and I feel positive about it but realistically, its not enough for medical sc
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