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  1. I am somewhere between “I cannot endure this wait” and “I’m not ready for this”
  2. Fair! So tricky this year with such a short interval between graduating/ finishing clerkship and starting residency Wishing you all the best in your studying, rotations, and match nerves ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Curious for those of you finishing clerkship so late (Dal finished before interviews lol) when are you writing your LMCC?
  4. Similar dream but I matched to a made up specialty that I never even applied to or heard of. Instead of reading our matches privately, we were each called up to the stage in the auditorium one by one and our match appeared on a big screen magic 8-ball style in what I'm pretty sure was comic sans font. Very hunger games vibes.
  5. I will accept your business proposition of premed application season but the M1-3s should enjoy their summers without sedation My lawyer will be in touch with the details
  6. Business Idea: a spa/resort for M4s 2 weeks leading up to match, but everyone is kept under moderate sedation the whole time and entertained with movies, mud baths, 24 h access to a petting zoo of puppies and other animals. Anyone got leftover LOC? DM to invest.
  7. Is anyone else surprisingly chill about this? I am 100% type A, and definitely the anxiety comes in gut-punching waves, but overall I feel so much more at ease than I was waiting for interviews. I think knowing the date helps. I also feel conflicted about wanting time to speed up, because at least now I have hope lol
  8. I would personally request comments like "is quiet" not be included in the "Strengths" component of your ITERs. The comments in this section will be included ad verbatim on your MSPR and although certainly not a red flag, it is not a strength.
  9. What I would say is, the stress of being a Med3, for me at least, was more trying to make sure I knew things as it's a HUGE learning curve, and much less "trying to impress" people. I'm a current Med4, and I would say that having this frame of mind of "how to I impress people," or "how do I do a good job for my eval" as a primary motivator is a draining and maladaptive way of thinking in general. Obviously this will be on your mind, and you'll want to impress people, but try to approach things by asking yourself "how can I be the best clinician" or "what can I do to give this patient the bes
  10. Places like prairies/ rural areas will have much cheaper rent. Toronto and Vancouver are brutal. Halifax somewhere in between but definitely climbing and high taxes. To be honest, unless there was literally no rentals in a region, or if you’re in a unique tough financial situation, I would personally think that rent during residency is kind of a drop in the bucket lol. Pick a place you fit in, will thrive in, and will ultimately get you where you want in your career. Just my 2 cents, but I realize everyone is different!
  11. I see. Well I still don’t think I completely understand this but I trust all you very smart people lol.
  12. I would also like to know the answer to this. Based on the very helpful examples given here, it seems that if student A ranks program A #1, and that program also ranks student A #1, it is a guaranteed match. Anything beyond that is trying to match students to their preferred programs but program preference prevails. Given that, wouldn’t it be suicide to waste your #1 rank on a program that is 100% not ranking you first? It’s plausible the may rank you, but if they don’t interview you they are absolutely not ranking you #1.
  13. Thanks! I will certainly rank them as I have nothing to lose, but I was wondering more specifically whether I should rank them higher or lower in my ROL. I've definitely heard the same thing, i.e., it doesn't hurt the rest of your application, but I can't help but to question that. If it's truly applicant proposing, then why would my #3 program pick me if someone else ranked them #2? In that case, it seems ranking a hail mary program as MY #2 would be damaging. Lol I don't really understand the algorithm..
  14. For competitive programs, I’ve heard the chances of them ranking you if they did not interview you are slim to none (correct me if you’ve heard otherwise). If this is the case, is it foolish to rank a program highly if you didn’t interview there? For example, a program I wanted to rank #2 did not interview me. Would ranking this #2 affect my chances at my #3rd choice, for instance?
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