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  1. I can vouch for this! I was waitlisted as well last year and recieved an offer this year! Don't sit by your phone all summer, start analyzing yourself and see where you need to improve. Continue shadowing and push forward. I think the best way to approach it is "hope for the best plan for the worst". Do some ECs, enjoy your summer and if the phone call comes great! But if it doesn't don't get bogged down. A gap year isn't too bad and you'll learn a lot and eventually get in! Good luck!
  2. They consider academic trends , graduate degree bonus points and possibly other factors we may not know about. Not exactly sure how they rank applicants but I agree, being waitlisted is the worst feeling for UWO. Basically puts your life on hold while you wait
  3. 96 plus the additional IDAP students making it basically 120. Not sure how much that factors in to the clinical experience where there is so much competition for cases in clinic etc.
  4. Let's hope invites come out early with waitlist positions given!
  5. It's not difficult at all..just go over the CD once and you'll be more than fine.
  6. I applied last year and got accepted to the program as well. I decided against going for a few reasons but mainly since it would be tougher to specialize in Canada and the States doesn't consider it equivalent. I think it's better to apply in Canada multiple times than jumping ship abroad if you can bring up your DAT score and have a good GPA. In regards to the accreditation I think someone mentioned that it will get renewed and there shouldn't be any issues for future grads enrolled or planning to enroll this year.
  7. Me too..waitlisted and no call. From what I know, there are at least 25 people who interviewed last year and have interviews again (includes waitlisted and rejected).
  8. Just out of curiosity, what made you consider medicine after a semester in D1? Is dentistry not a right fit or some personal reason? You can PM me if you don't want to answer it here, I'm just curious since you were pretty excited to go to UofT for dent and I'm applying to dentistry again and I don't want to realize something after.
  9. If the past two years are any indication (as well as the stated message on their website), they should be out on March 1st (one month before interview weekend).
  10. Doesn't hurt to try but I think they'll tell you to call after interview invites are out.
  11. If the cutoff is indeed 19 RC, then they wouldn't read the ABS/PS of people with 18 RC.
  12. They only look at the number. Highly doubt that it would go up. They want a sizeable pool of applicants to review for ABS/PS and then select 240 to interview.
  13. The cutoff last year was indeed 18 but it should be the same this year. More so, the ABS will probably factor in.
  14. I think the website states its Feb 20 as the target date for invitation to the MMI?
  15. New rules, new admin staff, new interview style...what could possibly be next?
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