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  1. Does anyone have the 2015/2016 intake statistics? I looked on the website and they have statistics up to 2014/2015. I was wondering whether anyone who interviewed last year for USask DMD can share what the cutoffs were for OOP.
  2. Isn't optometry like dentistry in the sense that its not covered under OHIP and insurance money is involved? That way, you can make more than a family physician can? I was always under the impression that dentists and optometrists are two careers that make tons of money through insurance?
  3. According to the email, OOP average cGPA was 3.90 so CV consideration comes into play after 3.90 significantly. I'm guessing whoever has the most contribution to the community, extensive research publications and scholarships/awards get an interview.
  4. 70% of the weighting is GPA and only 30% is personal statement and CV. I'm sure your CV was fine (it can be done in a day) but to not get an interview with a 3.95 which is worth more than the majority of the application weighting is crazy imo
  5. Jesus! 3.95 cGPA and your still refused? I really wonder what they're looking for
  6. Anyone receive McGill DMD interview invites? If so, what were your stats? I'm curious to know what GPA they were looking for as an OOP and IP.
  7. When I was at Mac, this was probably the most debated topic in our student union. What is the point of a 12 point scale? Why can't we all just come up with a universal method across all universities or input our exact percentage on our transcripts. The reasoning that we received was that students tend to push themselves more for that extra percent which results in more stress and competitiveness. The 12 point scale basically gives students who are in the 90s a chance to breathe a bit easier since a 90 is the same as a 100. This way, students plan their exam schedules and study for courses for
  8. At Mac, they use letter grades corresponding to a 12 point scale. In essence, 12 = A+ (90-100), 11 = A (85-89), 10 = (80-84), etc. They have a letter grade show up on their transcript, which gives them an advantage when converting their GPA to percentage. The other advantage is that in most courses at Mac, an 89 is being bumped up to 90 (11 --> 12 = A --> A+) as profs realize that a percentage makes a huge difference to ones GPA. It wouldn't be surprising if the dental class is made up of york and mac students because their GPA is much higher compared to Western students who probably hav
  9. With so many different grading systems, the ones identified by the admissions committee must be the most "fair" to all applicants. I can understand that some applicants get disadvantaged but you can't please everyone (unless a universal grading system is created across Canada). It wouldn't be surprising if Mac/York made up the majority of the class since all they need is 89% to get a 12 (A+ = 95%) so there average is inflated but at the end of the day, you should just try your best and hope that you get in
  10. From what I understand, it will be mainly marks + DAT score but the ABS shows the admission committee more information about the applicant prior to the interview. It's something they may take into consideration to determine if the candidate is suitable for a career in dentistry and has focus/passion for the field. In my opinion, I would suggest gaining as much exposure in the dental field as you can through either a job shadowing stint or a paid job. Maybe you could do both research and shadowing if you don't have any other activities/commitments to get the best of both fields? Research experi
  11. Anyone from McMaster applying that wants to practice together? We can set up a time to meet once a week to get some prep? Comment here or PM me!
  12. It really depends. For UWO, they ask you to list and describe your research experience in the ABS. It was the first time they asked to list your ECs and shadowing experience so I guess times are changing and this will become the standard for all dental schools (only time will tell). As for the amount of research, I personally did 3 research projects (2 directly related to dentistry and one in medicine) but quite honestly, I believe the quantity isn't important at all. For dental school, marks are the overarching dominant marker (combined with DAT score) that will determine whether you get an i
  13. As noted in our information at the school website, we use the OMSAS (Ontario Medical School Application Service) scale to convert academic achievement assessed in letter grades and GPA to the percentage format that we use in our admissions process. According to the OMSAS scale, 87.5% would be equivalent to a 3.9 GPA (on a 4.0 scale). If you wish to see how well your grades compare to last year's minimum for interview purposes, you would need to convert each of your course GPAs to percentages and then calculate a year's average. When using the OMSAS scale, we use the middle value of a range
  14. Provided that you wrote the physical address and the telephone number, adding a email address really shouldn't cause any concern
  15. Your frustration is valid. I know a couple people from Mac who have 89.7 and 90.3 who all got 12s (which translates to an A+). So in essence, these people are getting 95% when Western calculates their average. With that being said, I don't believe there is a system to please everybody so I guess the one provided by the admissions committee is the best choice.
  16. Doesn't hurt to add the email address with the physical address no? It essentially gives them more ways of verifying the experience?
  17. I guess writing both the email address and the physical address should suffice since it would cover all the bases?
  18. For the verifiers list, do we need to provide physical addresses for the verifiers or email addresses of the verifiers? Its unclear whether they are looking for addresses as in location or email. Any clarification would be appreciated thanks!
  19. Generally speaking, they would be looking for a "well-rounded candidate" so a combination of research, volunteer and shadowing experiences (all distributed evenly) would be sufficient but as you mentioned no one really knows if they weight one thing more than the other. Maybe they are trying to weed out the people who barely have anything and are trying to get in based on DAT score and GPA alone
  20. I emailed to ask whether they'll be picky about the research, shadowing experience, volunteer work, etc. and I was told it plays a factor and its different from previous years where a good RC score and GPA can get you an interview. Now, they consider shadowing experience and all those others things listed in the autobiographical sketch when making decisions on who to invite for interviews as well as for admissions. It sounded like its gotten complex compared to other years so I guess grades and DAT scores aren't everything anymore.
  21. Pretty much yeah. And its now part of the admission process to receive interviews. If you only have marks and zero to minimal volunteer experience/shadowing experience/research experience, it'll be tougher to get an interview compared to previous years where a good DAT score in RC and a high GPA over your best two years can get you an interview. Also, its important to mention that anything you start this year can be noted in the app but during the interview, you will be asked when you started it and how you've matured/gained skills from it. Stating that you just started this year can send a ne
  22. I think its great that they added this form. It gives people like me a chance to list our research projects, shadowing experiences and other ec's that would otherwise go unnoticed in the application process. Just looking at this forum tells me that people have GPAs in the range of 3.88-3.95. For someone whose GPA is 3.89 and is on the bottom range of most of the applicants, its beneficial for me to list my shadowing experiences with dentists, research projects in dental schools in the States, TA positions, fundraising volunteer experiences, welcome week reps for the Faculty, etc. It basically
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