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  1. With all due respect folks, I was not offered an interview spot at Calgary, so I would like someone interested in this group to make the skype group or meet in person,sorry for the inconvenience and best of luck to you all!
  2. I appreciate your response! That's exactly what I am trying to say. Thanks for making it more clear and using personal examples. I beleive that as premeds and especially in medicine we learn to be proactive and it is how the system works.
  3. You are trying to say what I said in my post but in a different light. By not practicing I do not mean that you shouldn't know current health issues, health politics etc.. These are the stuff that I am pretty sure we all would want to know well and perhaps also know our stance in those issues since we want to become a doctor! MMI in some schools do require good medical knowledge and reading extensively in medicine helps a lot for those schools. However, this is not the case in Calgary in most stations. You do not require medical knowledge but of course you are expected to know what you are get
  4. I dont think you can practice to get better at MMI per se, however I know this is my personal opinion. The same way you cannot practice to handle situations, make decisions, think on your feet etc.. in specific petoid of time. You are who you are! Our experiences in life shape the way we think. To practice for MMI in my opinion means to practice timing, organization and your communication skills, that is the only reason I want to practice.
  5. I just checked the admission blog and it says that file reviews are complete and interview offers are coming out end of this week! I am starting to feel the rush!!
  6. Yeah me too! The good thing is there are four reviewers and this gives it some consistency. I don't have anything to compare it too, but from what people post it does have consistency. There is random variation but that is out of our control and I would not worry about that at all.
  7. I do not think this is the case at all. I remember Dr. Walker writing a post about this a few years ago. You can still access it if you google it or search the admission blog. Status changes have no significance at all. It all depends on who reviews your file. You can be first or for that matter last to get a status update and it has no significance whatsoever
  8. If you look at the stats from previous years, there have been quite a number of people who that got interviews with 8 - 9 in verbal reasoning. As you said it is only 10 percent and if the rest of your application is above average, you should stand a good chance!
  9. You have the option to eliminate courses that were completed 10 years ago...
  10. It is great to have a good number of people interested. I will contact each individual that replied to this thread (of course if I get an interview, if not someone else can make the group and invite others). Thanks all for the replies!
  11. That's a great idea!! Let's plan it as soon as we hear about interviews
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