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  1. I remember reading something about how many people who interview at Western tend to interview at Mac too (high CARS) and that females who got accepted to both institutions were more likely to choose Mac (in favour of the 3-year program). That could be PART of it?
  2. ^ pretty sure you would have to do a special year to meet their requirements!
  3. How does this work for the people writing at 8? Wouldn't it just worsen the situation of the site not being available?
  4. Yes to both western and mac. I believe Dal's deadline had passed?
  5. Try Mr. Robot. Such a sick show.
  6. If you apply early (as in June 1) and broadly, I'd say you have a good shot in the states. You might want to invest in MSAR. I have a friend who got in with your stats, but s/he applied very early. So start working on your personal statement now. As for Canadian schools - you probably have a shot at Western if they keep their cut offs the same this cycle.
  7. Wish I had an answer for you, but it's ultimately your call. You did rock the other sections, but ideally it would be better if your CARS score was higher. But like Commons said, you could get interviews regardless of whether you rewrite or not.
  8. This also happened recently... http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/18/health/florida-palm-beach-teen-doctor-arrest/
  9. Congrats on your dental interview at U of T. There's saturation in most job markets (medicine, dentistry, law, etc.). You just have to be flexible about where you're willing to work. To answer your first question, I think it's helpful to remember that there will always be people who do well and others who don't do so well in every field. Every dentist I know that has graduated recently have all found work.
  10. I think you should maybe consider doing a 5th year to increase that cGPA of yours for American schools (if you decide to take that route).
  11. I wish Anki flash cards worked for me, everyone seems to love them so much! I study the same material in at least 3 different locations. I talk to myself a lot as well. For me, this is what works.
  12. Thanks for that heads up, I'll keep that in mind if I ever attend any sessions haha.
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