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  1. Result: Reviewed - Decision Pending wGPA: 3.85 MCAT: no ECs: About average to somewhat under average I would guess. Not a lot of clinical stuff, mostly other activities. Spent a lot of time writing the CV to detail my experiences. Year: PhD IP/OOP/International: IP-NTP CASPER: No idea. I do not understand how the wait-listed pre interview works. Does anyone know how it works?
  2. What does " Reviewed - Decision Pending " mean?
  3. Hey Future Doctors, Just wondering if anyone wants to practice for CASPER (English) together? PM me if interested. Hoping to start on October 7th.
  4. I am very interested. Please PM. Thanks!
  5. Still "Ready for Review". same for you?
  6. Not yet so far. They also changed the Target date for invitations to interview to April 4th
  7. Week of April 17, 2017. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/
  8. The cheapest hotel in Montreal is YWCA Hotel (it's also Very good) on Rene Levesque. It's like 50-60$/night and in downtown, so you can get to McGill easily. Good Luck!
  9. No, NTP applicants will hear by April 3rd. Still too early
  10. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/after-youve-applied Decision Code What it means 01 - Admitted You have been offered admission to the program specified. 02 - Admitted with Condition You have been conditionally accepted to the program specified. The conditions will be indicated in your letter of acceptance. 11 - Refused - ltd space available While your overall record (and interview, where applicable) meets our requirements, due to the large number of applicants, the extremely competitive nature of our programs, and space limitations,
  11. It does not mean anything rather than allocating applicants to the right application pool they belong to.
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