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  1. They don't tell you which one corresponds with which scedule, you just have to pick one and you don't find out what your actual schedule is until you start. They like to cover their bases by getting all students to clear their schedules for those times in case they decide to change things around and in second semester you have labs every week compared to every second week (at least that's how it was last year)
  2. I did some practice with friends to get familiar with having to come up with something to say quickly so I would recommend doing that a few times or if you can meet up with other people applying through CDuke93's links then I would recommend that. I didn't really follow any guideline because every scenario is kind of different, but I'm sure some people did and that may have helped them. The interviewer may not be able to answer your questions so I would suggest just going off of whatever is on the door.
  3. When I did it last year the interviewers interacted with you a bit to ask follow-up questions so you ended up talking for the first little bit and then they would ask you questions to guide you to the points that they really wanted to know about. In the interactive actor station you don't talk to the assessor though, just the actor. Hope this helps!
  4. Yeah, I think that you will be fine for your personal profile, honestly I didn't have experience in clubs or any pharmacy experience and I was fine. One of the biggest things for the interview is really just staying calm, for most of the stations it doesn't matter how much you practice because it's going to be different. That being said though I'd still recommend going through some online just to see what they're like. I hope that helps a bit.
  5. Hey, first year UBC Pharm student here. I can't speak for U of A Pharm, but your stats are right in the right range to be competitive here. The average GPA for our year was around 80%. I'd like to emphasize though that there's heavy focus on the personal profile and interview section for UBC specifically so don't focus too much on grades, there are plenty of people in my year with averages lower than yours, but they had good applications and interviews. Best of luck, let me know if you have any more questions.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's non-refundable, the point is making sure you're committed to taking the seat in the program. But yeah, $2000 is quite a high deposit amount.
  7. I was wondering, I haven't recieved any emails since this morning and I should've been getting them from this forum
  8. I'm also from outside UBC, and my transcripts were sent on the 2nd too. It hasn't changed, but I really wouldn't worry about it too much.
  9. I got my interview invite yesterday as well, I'm also OOP but I agree with omnivore that UofA is way more reasonable in terms of finances. Pre-req and cGPA both 3.94
  10. According to the website they select 350-400 people for invites, no idea how many got selected this year.
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