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  1. typical job interview questions id expect- why you're interested in the job? what you hope to learn? strengths/weaknesses? a time you showed leadership/good cooperation n a group? etc
  2. Look at UBC job postings, or just search research positions on something like Indeed.
  3. Around the 2 week mark, the first round of waitlist offers will go out! Then its about every week after that. There is usually a good amount of movement with the first round being the biggest
  4. UBC is definitely aware of this, it comes up probably annually that in-province schools like SFU and other schools nation-wide that don't use percentages end up with the lowest possible grade conversion. The impression I got from listening to UBC med reps is that they don't think it affects people enough to change it-- and essentially you could have gone to UBC for undergrad :/ Definitely frustrating.
  5. I got the cheapest model that worked with the apple pencil (non-pro) and it has been great! That is the main benefit of the iPad imo, is the fact that you can hand-write on slides with diagrams, medical imaging etc.
  6. hahaha I feel like it'll be yellow or orange! The turquoise is too close to 2020s, burgundy is too close to 2022s, and purple was 2019s!
  7. There is likely only a handful of 2023s in the 2024 group. However, there are people who join the group who have multiple acceptances. The waitlist should move any day now!
  8. I think the point of the co-curricular record is jobs and such as sort of a pre-made CV. You definitely can't upload it to OMSAS afaik, and you should realistically put down a name for verifiers.
  9. It is always about 2 weeks after acceptances (+/- 1 day). The numbers will depend on how many reject the offer. The waitlist will continue to move until a 'class is full' email is sent out.
  10. I remember a number of years ago (maybe 10 now), UBC's post-interview weighting was leaked from someone in adcom. While it fluctuated ~5% per year, post-interview weighting looked something like 20% MCAT, 20% GPA, 60% interview.
  11. It was most likely your EC's/Refs, I don't think your MCAT is below cutoffs.
  12. Your wGPA for Queen's will be calculated from your 2nd and 3rd year marks.
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