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  1. UBC is definitely aware of this, it comes up probably annually that in-province schools like SFU and other schools nation-wide that don't use percentages end up with the lowest possible grade conversion. The impression I got from listening to UBC med reps is that they don't think it affects people enough to change it-- and essentially you could have gone to UBC for undergrad :/ Definitely frustrating.
  2. I got the cheapest model that worked with the apple pencil (non-pro) and it has been great! That is the main benefit of the iPad imo, is the fact that you can hand-write on slides with diagrams, medical imaging etc.
  3. hahaha I feel like it'll be yellow or orange! The turquoise is too close to 2020s, burgundy is too close to 2022s, and purple was 2019s!
  4. There is likely only a handful of 2023s in the 2024 group. However, there are people who join the group who have multiple acceptances. The waitlist should move any day now!
  5. I think the point of the co-curricular record is jobs and such as sort of a pre-made CV. You definitely can't upload it to OMSAS afaik, and you should realistically put down a name for verifiers.
  6. It is always about 2 weeks after acceptances (+/- 1 day). The numbers will depend on how many reject the offer. The waitlist will continue to move until a 'class is full' email is sent out.
  7. I remember a number of years ago (maybe 10 now), UBC's post-interview weighting was leaked from someone in adcom. While it fluctuated ~5% per year, post-interview weighting looked something like 20% MCAT, 20% GPA, 60% interview.
  8. It was most likely your EC's/Refs, I don't think your MCAT is below cutoffs.
  9. Your wGPA for Queen's will be calculated from your 2nd and 3rd year marks.
  10. Not at all! Admissions and social events are in no way connected, and attendance is not noted in any way! Feel free to attend as many or as few as you wish
  11. Yes, it will sound much more choppy compared to other schools that let you have more space- should be fine!
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