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  1. Hey so check out the FAQ document in the offer tab on the OAS! You don’t have to take it through the heart and stroke foundation... “All students must be certified in CPR/AED Basic Life Support Provider - Level (BLS) for each year they are undertaking their studies. You may obtain your CPR/AED certificate from any registered company or organization.” Cheers!
  2. TIME STAMP: 12:25 PST Result: Accepted to VFMP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~85% MCAT: 512 ECs: Diverse and long-term commitments, volunteering, clubs, sports, 2+ years working in clinical research Geography: IP Fourth time applying and third time interviewing. When I found these forums ~ 6 years ago, I recall being overwhelmed by how incredible applicants were - with GPAs way higher than mine, and incredible extracurricular activities. I must say that I have this community to thank for all of the education and sharing that I've found helpfu
  3. Admissions will likely not inform you what position you are on the wait-list, nor the geography of folks placed in front or behind your rank order. Based on the high uptake of offers from UBC, I don't believe they 'over offer' on decision day, like other schools (eg. UofC). For example, last year only 19 and 24 IP and OOPs, respectively, declined offers before the 288 seats were filled.
  4. Rental leases that are month to month, or even any fixed term less than a year, are indeed really hard to find around ubc, but there are some kicking around. Unfortunately in the ubc area, all of the bargaining power is with the landlord since there’s an absolute abundance of potential renters. I know of some med folks who sweet-talked a 4-month lease, and others who signed a one-year lease and sublet the remaining 8 months. In the latter case, the landlord was completely on board from the beginning for allowing an early sub-lease. It’s difficult, but doable. Hahah also, aren’t we ten day
  5. Only 18 days to go... I tend to do this thing where I think about something I remember doing that was about 18 days ago, and use that time period to gauge how quickly the next 18 days will fly by Almost there!!
  6. Result: Accepted Geography : Non-Ab GPA: 3.8x MCAT: CARS 128 Degree : BSc Graduated E.C: A range of diverse, long-term commitments. Will update later. Feel free to PM me if you'd like! Interview : Felt ok about it! Wow, was not expecting this at all... Very excited to meet the incoming class in July! To all those not receiving the news you were hoping today, I've been there and it hurts. Don't give up if it's what you truly want. Persistence is key!
  7. There was a relevant post on the admissions blog from a few years ago when they revealed they were removing science pre-requisites. "Finally, because the science prerequisites are no longer required, the selection committee will be taking a closer look at your transcript. They will be looking at your science courses but will also notice if 50% of your coursework is comprised of [GPA boosters] (or the university-transferable equivalents thereof)." Source: http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2016/01/29/prerequisite-changes-gpa-concerns/ The context and tone of the blog post indicates that this
  8. It has varied! Last year regrets came out around 2 PM PDT, wait-list around 2:30, and offers near 4. However the previous year, decision day followed the same order with offers out around 11:30 AM. It's really anyone's guess, so plan to fill your entire day with activities to maintain sanity!
  9. Correct. Things can always change this year, so don't come after me with a pitchfork if it isn't the same this year lol. But yes, last year the email subject for rejection was "UBC Undergrad Admissions: Regrets After Interview" and for acceptance something like: "UBC Undergrad Admissions: Offer of Admission - VFMP" (or whatever site you are offered acceptance at). Last year there was a 2-week deadline for the initial round of offers to accept and pay the deposit. Hopefully you may have access to internet during this time, or designate someone you can reliably communicate with to act o
  10. Emails are sent as well. The email should be simultaneous with your OAS status being updated. Just a heads up that the decision last year was in the subject title of the email, for those who may be wanting to delay reading it until after!
  11. Although the worst for me last year was sleeping the night before, my routine on decision day seemingly reduced nail-bitting: mute all text, facebook, snap (etc.), and non-work email notifications for the day. Be super efficient at work to keep your mind occupied, come home and check the forums to make sure notifications have been sent, and then take a brief moment to appreciate all the hard work, dedication, and fortune just to be considered for admission... and then login to OAS and accept fate. I mean, or you could just play fortnite all day
  12. Course loads are not taken into account to determine AQ score. It is only OGPA or AGPA, as applicable, that determines AQ score. So yes, one applicant with 4 courses/semester and a 90 would have a higher AQ than one with an 85, taking 5 and 5. The formula to calculate AQ is based on either AGPA or OGPA, and changes year to year to reflect the competitiveness of the applicant pool. You should be able to find the formula for last year on the forum somewhere, or simply derive it yourself from the UBC stats (system of y=mx+b calculations). The formula seems to have high fidelity as very few f
  13. The answers to some of your questions might be found in a session Dr. Walker held back in September. http://vp.ucalgary.ca/images/admissions/Admission2017.mp4 Somewhere in the first ten minutes there should be a pie chart (ew) that gives a breakdown for where all Ab and Non-Ab applicants ended up last year. Some very interesting numbers indeed... apparently 14% (or ~47 Non-Ab applicants) declined offers, while about 17 matriculated last year. Keep in mind that this year only 81 Non-Albertans were interviewed, down from ~100 last year. Don't worry too much about the stats side of
  14. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 3:06 wGPA: 3.89 Year: BSc Complete MCAT: 512 (128 Cars) ECs: Diverse and varied Geography: OOP Interviewed and wait-listed last year! Congratulations to all those receiving invites today!
  15. I'm feeling it's going to be an F5 kind of afternoon...
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