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    Popetopus got a reaction from Livinalberta in Interview Invites   
    Result: Regrets
    Time Stamp: 3:06
    wGPA: 3.89
    Year: BSc Complete
    MCAT: 512 (128 Cars)
    ECs: Diverse and varied
    Geography: OOP
    Interviewed and wait-listed last year! Congratulations to all those receiving invites today!
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    Popetopus got a reaction from medicineballislife in Interview Invites   
    I'm feeling it's going to be an F5 kind of afternoon... 
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    Popetopus got a reaction from Sauna in Interview Invites   
    I'm feeling it's going to be an F5 kind of afternoon... 
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    Popetopus got a reaction from smac in Interview Invites   
    For the last 4 years, It looks like Queens has sent out invites on the last business day in January. So we should hear by Wednesday I’m hoping!!  
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    Popetopus got a reaction from medicineballislife in Interview Invites   
    For the last 4 years, It looks like Queens has sent out invites on the last business day in January. So we should hear by Wednesday I’m hoping!!  
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    Popetopus got a reaction from yeeewww in Interview Invites   
    For the last 4 years, It looks like Queens has sent out invites on the last business day in January. So we should hear by Wednesday I’m hoping!!  
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    Popetopus reacted to yych208 in Interview Invites & Regrets 2017/2018   
    Former interviewee here.
    Last year it was Mon-silent, Tues- rejection, Wed- silent, Thurs-invites.
    So today will most likely be a silent day as you speculated.
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    Popetopus reacted to Livinalberta in submission issues   
    Just wanted to update....I had sent an email to admissions letting them know what was happening on my app.  They sent an email back yesterday confirming that my application had been successfully submitted.
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    Popetopus got a reaction from helicase in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    Interesting. Waitlist movement this year was slightly less (76 declined) than previous years (91, 90).
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    Popetopus reacted to sandorclegane in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    The "class is full" email has finally arrived...
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    Popetopus reacted to Medis in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    Looks like "class is full" email any day now.
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    Popetopus reacted to clever_smart_boy_like_me in Anyone Else Feeling Lost?   
    None of my friends are in the boat I'm in and none are as school-focused so I feel kind of alone in this weird process of applying repeatedly to med school. Now, especially having been rejected ppst-interview and seeing the path ahead of me have at least another year added to it, it's kind of frustrating.
    It feels as though all the projects I'm involved in and new activites I start are only tangents to the main path...and are only means to an end (some of them anyways). Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing any activity I wouldn't want to but I'm feeling pretty robotic and going-through-the-motions-esque with everything..
    Anyone else been there or currently there? It's like I'm just waiting.. It's so bizarre. It wasn't like this last year (rej pre-int).
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    Popetopus reacted to Cross in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    Dang man!!! it's so hard when your friends get off it and you're just hoping... terrible feeling. Anyway see you all in the next round of offers
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    Popetopus reacted to business_doc in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    Software developer/database engineer here. The timestamp thing is a great way to lose your mind trying to make sense out of something that most likely is not related to 'rank order'. It could be based off of the order in which OMSAS accounts were made, alphabetical by name, the date applications were initially received, the last time you logged in to your account, or a million other things. Typically, database indexes are ordered by some sort of date, so created_at or updated_at for the database record. The program would then roll through the records in that order whenever it needs to execute batch actions.  Try not to make yourself mad! Go read a book or do something fun instead haha. 
    I'm on 4 waitlists myself, so I understand the frustration and desire to know what the hell is going on with your future. If you examine the situation from a different lens though, it's actually a bit relaxing. People keep wanting to make plans with me for the fall/winter and my response has been, "Can't do it. I have no idea what's happening with my life." Use this as an opportunity to live in the moment and just enjoy the things around you. In a bizarre way it's a wonderful chance to not worry about the future, as ironic as that is. Good luck everyone!
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    Popetopus got a reaction from seventeenfour44 in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    After clicking view status, my SOLUS says:
    "University Decision: You have been added to the waitlist for this program. We will contact you if we are able to make you an offer of admission to this program."
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    Popetopus reacted to Maverick in May 12Th Support Thread   
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    Popetopus reacted to Cross in May 12Th Support Thread   
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    Popetopus reacted to Goku in Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected??   
    What an emotional, amazing day! At long last! My life just flipped upside down, and there is so much to plan in so little time! AHHHH!
    Result: ACCEPTED!!!!!       
    Geography: OOP
    Year: Graduated BSc 2015
    GPA: 4.00
    MCAT: 511 (128 CARS)
    ECs: Very long term and diverse; showcased all the important things/accomplishments in my life. Intentionally leaving this vague; just do what you love and carefully select your top 10.
    Interview: I forgot my water bottle, and so thought I would be doomed. The people in my circuit seemed exceptional to boot, making me not very confident going in. Looking back at this interview, it felt like a blur. I just spoke naturally and what came to mind. In almost every station when the follow-up questions were read, I found that I already touched upon most topics, and had to just repeat and reword my answer. I do remember bombing one station in particular, and not doing so hot on 2 others, but all the rest felt good!
    After 6 interviews over 3 years, I am extremely grateful. I felt I had become a stronger candidate every subsequent year, so to those who did not hear good news, please please please do not give up. Keep it moving. You'll get there eventually.
    I will 99% be accepting (waiting on UBC, but I've pretty much decided that this is where I want to be). Cannot wait to meet everyone in July!
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    Popetopus reacted to iFlayx in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted today and best of luck to those in the waitlist pool like me. To those who received regrets, please don't give up and keep trying. Everyone is definitely a qualified candidate for med!

    I just started this poll for those of us waiting on the waitlist. AFAIK, the waitlist does move quite a bit and according to the AFMC from 2017 and 2016, they usually send about another 90-100 offers to those on the waitlist.


    This is the same poll as the one created for last year's cycle. You can refer here for information in regards to last year's movement.


    Good luck!
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    Popetopus reacted to TechToMD in Good Luck Everyone!   
    Decisions come out tomorrow and I am so excited for everyone! 
    If I could offer everyone a suggestion that I read myself by someone on this forum a couple of years ago. Take a piece of paper tonight and write out how you feel. Write out your dreams, what you hope to achieve, what you want from your profession, and how excited you are at the thought of becoming a doctor.

    Once you get in, time flies and it can be easy to get bogged down and lose sight of how big of an achievement it really was. I really enjoy reading back on what I wrote the night before I was accepted when things get hectic and it helps me, so I just wanted to share.

    Medical school can be really tough, especially in clerkship (wow I'm actually going into clerkship in a few months....), but it it is really rewarding and it's nice to remind ourselves about that once in a while.
    All the best.
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    Popetopus reacted to jojo123 in Post-Interview Talks   
    Hello fellow premed101 forum dwellers, 
    if you're interview didn't go as well as planned, don't fret! I know many people currently in my class who thought their MMI went horrendously or that they felt like they messed up on more than one station
    I know it's easier said than done but try to take the next few days to not overthink everything that happened on interview day and maybe plan something to do for the day that you're getting the email so regardless of what it says you'll have something to spend that day doing  
    based on the thread it looks like the incoming class of 2021 is going to have some dank meme game! good luck and we hope Queen's is your #1 choice if you're accepted! we look forward to welcoming you to our family  
    - one of the 2020's 
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    Popetopus reacted to thisisnewradio in Post-Interview Talks   
    Following up on jojo123's post from above...
    Just want to offer some more words of encouragement to everyone who's waiting to hear about their acceptance tomorrow. 
    To those who are accepted, congratulations!! Queen's is a wonderful school, and we are all so excited to meet you!
    To those who are rejected, PLEASE don't be too hard on yourself. You have no idea what part along the way might've bumped someone a little higher on the score sheet than you, and there's no way you'll ever know. Understand that you have made it incredibly far in the application process to medical school, and if you have the means to do so, please please please try again next year! I know so many people whose applications to med school only went better and better each year (no interviews, then one interview, then three interviews, then acceptance), so it can happen for you too! 
    Finally, for those who make it onto the waitlist, just take a deep, deep breath, and hang in there. The waitlist can run all the way into June. DON'T give up hope no matter how pessimistic some people get on these boards. The only ones who actually know whether the waitlist is finished or not are the people in admissions here at Queen's, and they will let you know when that time comes
    Good luck all you applicants, we can't wait to meet you!! 
    -another 2020
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    Popetopus reacted to mr.smith in May 12Th Support Thread   
    Thanks for the information
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    Popetopus got a reaction from keener12345 in Competitive For Oop?   
    So a 90 aGPA this past cycle corresponded to an AQ score of about 31 points (see AQ calc = 1.5838*aGPA - 111.5). The AQ score yielded from a given aGPA fluctuates from year to year, and is based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool. Thus your AQ score may go up or down (slightly) on a given year even with the same aGPA.
    The minimum TFR score needed for an OOP interview invite this past cycle was 63.16. Thus, theoretically you would need in the neighborhood of an NAQ minimum of 32 points (Mean NAQ of applicant pool set at ~25). As no one knows exactly how UBC adcom quantifies the NAQ portion of the application, I'd say definitely apply! Write your NAQ entries meaningfully and succinctly, and of course, hope for the best!
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    Popetopus reacted to kathbro2 in Post-Interview Talks   
    I'll think sharing this might ease some concerns.
    At the video screening, one of the first year med students said 'if you don't feel good about your interview, don't worry - 60% of our class felt like that'. And after talking to one of the first year med students who was running the Clinical Skills workshop, she said that after her interview, she cried all the way home in the car because she felt so terrible about it.
    Don't worry if you feel bad about your interview - apparently it's normal and not indicative of how you actually did. Just cruise the accepted/waitlisted thread and you'll see there is very little rhyme or reason to it --- or, at least that's what I keep trying to tell myself.
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