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  1. Selling Doing Right (3rd edition) by Philip C. Hebert and ‘So, you want to be a doctor, Eh?’ books Doing Right - $65 So, You want to be a doctor, Eh? - $20 Both books are in brand new condition, barely used. I’m located in Vancouver, PM if interested.
  2. Hey, I used DAT Crack the DAT and DAT bootcamp <--from people's recent feedback and myself, this doesn't really compare to the new CAD DAT exams. Keyholes were trickier on the real exam compared to the other sections (I purposely left this section till the end on the exam day so that it doesn't trip me out on the first part and I spend more than 10 minutes on the 15 Qs). My trick that really worked during the exam was to figure out what section of PAT I'm most comfortable with. For me, I was pretty good at hole punching and cube counting, so I started the exam on the hole punching sect
  3. Sure! To clarify, my help is all free. I'm just trying to help those who might need help with this section of the exam.
  4. Hi all, I’ve taken the DAT 3 times and scored 95, 99, and 100 percentile on the PAT section. I’d like to help those who might be struggling with this section with tips that have helped me. PM me if you need any help. Thanks :)
  5. Hello I'm hoping to start preparing for the MCAT soon. My old MCAT score will not be eligible for the 2017-2018 application to UBC so have to write the new MCAT. Anyone in Vancouver thinking about redoing the MCAT in June/July to apply to UBC? I'm looking for a study buddy, PM if interested
  6. No early deadline for 2016/2017 cycle. I confirmed with adcom when applying in summer.
  7. I listed N/A for phone number for one of my verifier since he is travelling but gave email address since he still has email access.
  8. I would be careful with the dates as they clearly list June 1st as the cut off for activities. I too had to omit some activities to my application in the past cycle due to this cut off date. On the other hand, all your other activities might give you a good NAQ score
  9. You might want to look at interview invites/regrets thread from the past cycles to see if you're competitive as an OOP. IMO, your average seems good as an OOP as long as you have good NAQ. In terms of taking the english pre-req, I think once you compare your grades to those who have gotten interviews as an OOP, I think it might be worth completing them (It is $1300, but in the grand scheme of things this is a little investment for your future).
  10. Hey! Yes! I called admissions few weeks ago and they said there's only Sep 15th deadline now. The early deadline is taken out
  11. UBC MD BLOG STATES... Offers 2016 – All Positions Filled in MED 2020 Class By Admissions on June 23, 2016 The deadline for Round 6 has passed, and we are both happy and sad to report that all of the positions for the MED 2020 class have been filled. If students withdraw their acceptances there is a chance that a few more positions will become available, but it is impossible to say how many spots will open up, if any. We therefore recommend that applicants still on the waitlist start thinking about their 2016/2017 applications if they plan to reapply to the program.
  12. You just never know until you apply, it's just the average. There are people above and below the 91.5% mark. For the interview, NAQ accounts for 50% of the TFR score and if that's strong and your GPA is roughly at 90%, I still think you have a chance in getting an interview invite. The cut off for the interview changes every year and it depends on the competitiveness of the applicant pool, and this is something we have no control over. Don't worry, just apply!
  13. I personally think it fits better in the awards section. I included all of my awards and scholarships there and gave a brief description of what it is and why it was awarded.
  14. My best guess is either my GPA or MCAT got me rejected. I have seen people with low 80's get in this year so I'm guessing since both of mine were kinda on the lower end they rejected me. Can't change my GPA since I'm done with my degree so figured I'll improve my MCAT score.
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